Dallas Cowboys News

the latest news and stories of note about the Dallas cowboys July 11th, 2022 

No Progress on Dalton Schultz Extention

After a report last week that Schultz and the Cowboys were going to "make another run" at an extention now it's reported no progress is being made. More via the link below.

Von Miller details on failed cowboys contract

Von Miller plays for the Buffalo Bills now. But he can't seem to get it out of his head how it didn't work out with the Cowboys.

Cowboys Announced Oxnard Camp Date. It's this month!

The Dallas Cowboys return to Oxnard California for their 43rd Ventury County trainine camp. It's a great place to train and fan friendly. 

Tony Romo wins American Century Championship

For the 3rd year in a row Tony Romo brings home the championship, this time in a sudden-death playoff drama!

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Ranking the Dallas Cowboys player contracts

Player contracts make or break a teams fortunes. How do the contracts of the best Dallas Cowboys player rank?

Former Dallas Cowboy Marion Barber died of heat stroke

According to the medical report released today, former Dallas Cowboy Marion Barber died of heat stroke.