NFL Draft Profile

Isaiah Likely

Isaiah likely is a receiving tight end with good intangibles that has been integral to his teams winning wherever he's been. 

6'4", 245 lbs, 31 7/8" arms,  10" hands Has a 36" vertical jump

TE Jelani Woods

Likely will be hitting this corner route often for whichever team he lands on. 

TE Isaiah Likely

-Excellent Intangibles -Good deep speed -Excellent leaper -Good hands -Plays through pain

TE Isaiah Likely

- Needs quicker hands -Can get lost over the middle -Needs to sell short routes better -Needs to learn how to drive and finish blocks

TE Isaiah Likely

Overall, Likely will bring an excellent locker room presence and big play ability to any team he's on. Has the ability to be a Shannon Sharpe type presence if he develops fully. 

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