Here are Week 1's biggest injuries going into Sunday's games

Tyron Smith LT - Cowboys

Smith suffered an avulsion fracture of the knee, which involves the hamstring tearing off the bone. He expected to get surgery and be out for at least a couple months. 

Tyrann Mathieu  S - Saints

Mathieu did not practice Friday with an unspecified illness and is questionable for Sunday's game vs the Falcons.

Zach Wilson QB - Jets

Zach Wilson suffered a torn meniscus (kneecap) in the pre-season opener and is still recovering from surgery. He will be out in the Week 1 game versus the Ravens.

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Shaq Leonard LB - Colts

Shaq Leonard has been recovering from a back injury and was looking hopeful to join the Colts in Week 1, but has been ruled out for the matchup versus the Texans. 

Michael Gallup WR - Cowboys

Gallup is still recovering from his ACL tear and has been ruled out in the week 1 game vs Tampa Bay. 

JJ Watt DE - Cardinals

JJ Watt is day-to-day with a calf strain and is uncertain to play against the Chiefs in the season opener.