Power Rankings



# 10 QB Aaron Rodgers GB Packers

Aaron Rodgers at #10?! Yep. He is still Aaron Rodgers, but, his best WR is gone, his OLine is shakey and the rest of the team didn't get a lot better. Ten is where he belongs, but on any given week .... 



# 9 QB

QB Russel Wilson Seattle Seahawks

I get the ranking. But in truth nobody knows how this is going to work out. What we do know is it's going to be fun.

#8 QB

QB Joe Burrow Cincinnati Bengals

Once Burrow gets warmed up he may have a lot to say about this ranking but I get it. The league is looking at him now. Let's see what happens. 

# 7 QB

QB Tom Brady TB Buccaneers

On any given week he can be #1 BUT, I think (and our stats crew agrees) this is the year of the fall-off for Mr. Brady. Home strife over his comeback is real. It's been fun.

# 6 QB Jalen Hurts Philadelphia Eages

They got rid of his competition, they surrounded him with talented WR, they got him a studly running game. He better produce or ......

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#5 QB Kyler Murray AZ Cardinals

All the drama, all of the childish antics, all of the fan angst won't matter if Murray shows up on Sunday. He will and it won't.



# 4 QB

QB Lamar Jackson Baltimore Ravens

It doesn't really matter who Jackson has around him, he  is the lynch pin that makes it happen. Plug him in, enjoy the ride in his contract season.

# 3 QB

QB Patrick Mahomes KC Chiefs

Yes, he lost Tyreek Hill. But in reality, Hill lost Mahomes, not the other way around. Elite production week in week out BUT ... he does it with style. 

#2 QB Justin Herbert LA Chargers

This is his year. Sure he is on the Chargers but that just means he will be pushing to win games late giving awesome fantasy points. Ride this pony!

# 1 QB Josh Allen Buffalo Bills

The arm, the head, the receivers, the offensive line, the defense. It's all there and this kid knows how to use it. He should hold this position all season long.