The last time Brady met the Eagles in the playoffs he dropped a TD pass. He doesn't forget.

Five keys to the game for when the Eagles play the Buccaneers this weekend.

Eagles vs Buccaneers  Wild Card Weekend


From Patriot General to Bucs Pirate Tom Brady is the consummate playoff QB. In week 18 he posted 326 yds, 3 TD, and a 130.4 QBR. It's Brady's game. The rest of us are just watching.

Tom Brady


Jalen Hurts has 16 TDs, 9 picks, 209.6 YPG, 61.3 cmp%, and an 87.2 QBR on the season. Not elite production. BUT he is also their #2 rusher with 784 yards and 10 TDs on the ground for 2021.

Jalen Hurts


The Eagles' passing defense is rated 23rd overall and is tied for 31st in completion percentage. BUT 8th in YPA and 1st in YPC. You have to dink and dunk to move the ball on them and Darius Slay will pick your pocket. Will Brady be patient?

Eagles Pass D


Miles Sanders, Boston Scott, Jordan Howard, and the rookie Kenneth Gainwell  AND their backups represent the best rushing attack in the NFL. Oh, and QB Jalen Hurts is their #1 producer. Yes, the Eagles will be running the ball.

Eagles Running Game

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Antonio Brown and Chris Godwin are both missing in action. Brown via the stupidity train and Godwin via Murphy's law. Two huge talents at the same position.



For 2021 DeVonta Smith has 64 receptions, 916 yards, and 5 TDs. The rookie (yep, scary isn't it) got these stats in a run-first offense in his 1st NFL season. His ceiling hasn't been scratched yet.

DeVonta Smith


Dallas Goedert is sneaky good (56 rec, 830 yds, 4 TD) and with his competition for snaps traded away has been really settling in hovering just outside "elite TE" territory.

Bonus Key


Rob Gronkowski has gone for over 115 yards in each of his last 2 games and is hitting playoff gear at just the right time. The Eagles give up a ton of yardage and scores to TEs. Oh yea.