Mark WIlliams

Got the block and set up AJ Griffin with the three. 

Mark WIlliams

Put down the alley-oop here and was dominant on the rim

Paolo Banchero

Sunk 4 threes on the night got 9 assists

AJ Griffin

Shot 6/10 from Three and nearly broke the freshman record held by Cam Reddish

paolo banchero

Scores again from three for his third

jeremy roach

contributed with 2 threes of his own as the Duke bench played very well

AJ Griffin 

Couldn't miss and the score started to get embarrassing at 38-13

Paolo Banchero

Hit his 4th three of the night near the end of a first half Syracuse will want to forget

mark williams

ended a strong Syracuse run with this thundering and1

AJ Griffin

Came close to breaking Cam's record, but this was his last 3 of the night

Mark WIlliams

Closes out his night with this commanding dunk

Jeremy Roach

Got three number 14 for the Duke Blue Devils

Jaylen blakes

Capped the night off with three number 15 in the closing minutes