John Ridgeway

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DT John Ridgeway

A former state champion in high school wrestling for the state of Illinois, Ridgeway has potential  as an edge-setting defensive end in  3-4. "Big John" recorded 39 tackles with 4 TFL and 2 sacks in 2021 for the Razorbacks and would often get pressure with no help in a 3 man rush.  

6'6", 321 lbs, 33 3/8" arms 10" hands 5.3 forty and 4.73 shuttle 8'5" Broad Jump

DT John Ridgeway

Here Ridgeway creates pressure from just a 3 man rush to force the bad pass. He can collapse the pocket against smaller centers. 

Here he shows off his tackling strength, which will be beneficial when he becomes an edge-setter in the NFL

Here he shows off his acceleration, he's got just enough burst to cover the cutback against scrambling QBs

DT John Ridgeway

Ridgeway tends to end up on the ground too often and was neutralized by Georgia's physical front. Against NFL lineman he will need to develop better hand technique and learn secondary moves and counters when his initial wrestling fails.