Cooper Rush once again delivered the plays when they were needed as the Cowboys offense found itself in the second half and the D cooked all day long.

Cowboys vs Commanders

Neville Gallimore gets the Dallas D cooking early with the 1st sack of the game giving Wentz a taste of what was to come. All day long.

Turnabout as the Cowboys LG McGovern got out-quicked.

Starting DT Bohanna is a big man who disrupts the backfield here drawing the  holding flag.

Just like last week, the moment veteran OL Peters comes in at LG good things happen. W.time to throw Rush delivers to Lamb.

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The Dan Quinn D frustrated Wentz all day long.

TD Cowboys as Gallup shows what has been missing from the offense. Welcome back kid!

Wentz decides to test Diggs deep 1-on-1. Great decision if you are a Dallas fan. If not ...... well, he is Wentz.

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Rush2Lamb for the late score as the Cowboys offense was able to make big plays that led to points.

Diggs w/the slap-down-d on 4th down  fade gives the ball back to the 'Boys. He did this 2x this game!

Rookie Bland delivers the closing turnover for the 'Boys with this stellar pick reading the QB & route correctly.

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