Five keys to the game for when the Cowboys play the Eagles this weekend.

Cowboys vs Eagles Week 18


The Cowboys were held to 2.6 yards-per-carry for 45 yards on 17 carries last week and it set the tone for them losing Time of Possession. The Eagles run D is tied for 3rd in the league. This battle is key.

Eagles Run D


CeeDee Lamb, 77 receptions, 1,057 yards, and 6 TDs. Amari Cooper, 63 receptions, 786 yards, and 8 TDs. If these guys get going the Cowboys win.

Cowboys Receivers


Last week Jalen Hurts had 7 carries for 44 yards. A 6.3 yards-per-carry average. He had no TDs and no picks. But the Cowboys had huge issues with mobile QBs this season. Can Hurts cause pain with his arm as well as his feet?

Jalen Hurts


Last week Dak Prescott had 5.9 yards-per-attempt, 3 TD, and a 105.8 QBR and it almost all came too little, too late. Teams are successfully disguising coverages to mess with Dak's reads. He is learning. How fast?

Dak Prescott


The Eagles passing defense is for real. Currently tied for 3rd in Yards-per-attempt at 6.5 they are 1st in Yards-per-catch at 9.5. Dallas looks for 1-1 and throws it up. Against the Eagles that isn't always 50-50. Slay had 3 picks and a 58.8 cmp%. Stay tuned!

Darius Slay

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The Cowboys' run defense has been getting gashed of late. The Eagles have the best running offense in the NFL. Something is going to give here. The winner of this battle probably gets the W.

Bonus Key


Dalton Schultz has had over 8 targets in each of his last 3 games. The Birds give up the most receptions and TDs to TEs in the league! With teams taking the deep ball away Schultz can be a key leverage piece to pry the lid off the defense.



It's being reported Micah Parsons has been placed in COVID-19 protocals.