Deja Vu all over again as the Cowboys and the Bucs square off again on opening day. Does Brady still have it?

Five keys to the game for when the Bucs play the Cowboys this weekend.

Bucs vs Cowboys Preview Week 1


Does Brady still have it? Has Prescott finally got it? We find out in week 1. Prescott is dealing with ankle issues (yes, that ankle) while Brady has home strife from coming back to deal with. Hmmmmmmm.

Dak Prescott Tom Brady


Which Cowboys offensive line is going to show up? The talent is there but injuries and lack of discipline have rendered this unit a giant question mark. Can they absorb the loss of Tyron Smith at LT? They never have before now.

Cowboys OLine


The Cowboys have always had problems with power-running games. Leonard Fournette is a big man who has seeminly found his NFL groove late in his career. 'Boys drafted players to deal with this. Let's see.

Bucs Run Game


OPPS - A big negative on that one Big Ben. Amari Cooper is gone. It's the CeeDee Lamb show now but unlike Cooper, he won't have elite talent opposite him. Yet. Can the young gun WR room come through?

Amari Cooper CeeDee Lamb

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Trevon came on as an elite ball-hawk last season, but Tom Brady studies his opponents religiously. Expect a lot of double moves and rub schemes to get Godwin past Diggs.

Chris Godwin vs Trevon Diggs


Picking Diggs or Micah Parsons was tempting but let's be real. Everything depends on father time being held at bay by Tom Brady for one more year.  Can he?

Bonus Key


Micah Parsons is a "game-wrecker" according to the Buccs coaching staff. We agree. He can take over a game at any moment. Will he or will the NFL be ready?

Bonus Key


Kellen Moore was the darling of the NFL at the beginning of 2021. Then he was the goat as the wheels fell off the Cowboys' offense due to injuries along the OLine. With all of his weapons can he dial it up again in 2022?