Chiefs vs Bengals

Five keys to the game for when the Chiefs face the Bengals this weekend.


Patrick Mahomes is on a tear and he's doing it with a new cast of supporting characters. He is Belichickian in his ability to spread the ball around to different receivers all the while using new arm angles to deliver. Serendipity.

Patrick Mahomes


Joe Burrow is coming off a 4 TD game with a QB rating of 143.2, 11.4 yards per attempt for 525 yards. Mahomes who? Burrows is on fire. He has a talented WR corps and trusts where they will be. If he gets time to throw he is deadly. If.

Joe Burrow


Byron Pringle was Patrick Mahomes's go-to guy last week with 7 targets, 6 receptions, 75 yards, and 2 TD's. Pringle can do it all and blends well with Tyreek Hill. Getting Kelce back will only help.

Byron Pringle


Trey Hendrickson has registered a sack stat in 11 straight games. Let that sink in for a moment. With 14 on the season and a ton of pressures, if you are an offensive coordinator you better have a plan. It better be a good one.

Trey Hendrickson


Travis Kelce is off the COVID list and he reportedly had a full practice at the beginning of the week. The TE has been on a tear of late getting 13 targets for 10 receptions, 191 yards, and 2 TD's in his last game. Look for a big day.

Travis Kelce


Ja'Marr Chase is Joe Burrows security blanket. A lot of QB's choose TE's for this role, or perhaps a possession guy. But Chase lives downfield and Burrows is just fine throwing up the ball to him. Last week 10 targets, 7 rec, 125 yards.


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