Five keys to the game for when the Chargers play the Raiders this weekend.

Chargers vs Raiders Week 18


7 TDs and 1 pick while under pressure in 2021 is why Justin Herbert has elevated his game after a fantastic rookie campaign. Fantastic arm and an understanding of how to protect the ball make him elite and very dangerous.

Justin Herbert


Derek Carr's productivity has dropped as his receiving and blocking corps have become depleted over the season. The man needs a little help. A 29th ranked 29th in pass blocking OLine isn't the answer.

Derek Carr


Joey Bosa is having a fantastic season with 64 QB pressures which lead the rest of the team by a ton. He could use some help, to say the least.

Joey Bosa


Max Crosby is leading the league with 90 QB pressures on the season. He has an excellent matchup for this game and in truth, unless he gets home the Raiders D is toast.

Max Crosby


Derwin James is the chess piece the team imagined when they drafted him. Healthy late in the season, just when they need him, James has been delivering versus opposing TEs and in disguising coverages. He needs to have a big game.

Derwin James

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Desean Jackson still has the wheels to blow the top off a defense. He can't do it for 60 plays in a row, but he can use his veteran wiles to pick his spot and drop an 80 yard TD on you in a blink.