Chargers vs Raiders INSANE Ending! After an unreal 4th quarter comeback to tie the game, Chargers fans find new pain.

It starts with the toss and as every OT fan knows, the winner of the toss almost always gets the victory. 

On the 1st play in OT, the Chargers give up 28 yards to RB Josh Jacobs. 

Josh Jacobs for 28 yards

Full Screen Replay

On the next play in OT Josh Jacobs got 18 up the gut as if the Chargers had forgotten about him.

Chargers D stiffens but the FG is good and it's time to point out this kicker has not missed in this stadium. Ever. 

Chargers respond in a big way - 46 yards to Williams on 4th and 9

Josh Jacobs for 28 yards

Full Screen Replay

A touchdown wins it. Boltz have to settle for the Field Goal

Raiders get the ball back and Carr hits Edwards for 17 on 1st and 10.

The Chargers take their last time out and Jacobs gets the first down and puts the Raiders in FG range.

The Las Vegas kicker stays perfect, the Raiders win and the Chargers find a new way to screw their fans.