Five keys to the game for when the Cardinals play the Cowboys this weekend.

Cowboys vs Washington  WEEK 17


After enduring his mini-slump Dak was on fire vs the WFT and that is the Dak the Cowboys need to go deep into the playoffs. If he keeps slinging the rock like he did last week the 'Boys should win at home.

Dak's Heat Index


Both offensive lines have a lot to prove. The Cowboys (possibly) have Tyron Smith back which gives the run game a huge boost. Arizona needs to show they can protect Kyler Murray so they can get their passing game back on track.

Both OLines


Both teams have the ability to put pressure on the QB. The Cowboys have a rotation of pressure. Arizona relies on Chandler Jones to bring the pain and he is a man among boys. The team with the most pressure usually wins.

QB Pressure


Budda Baker is a free safety the Cowboys haven't seen the likes of. He and Jalen Thompson should be able to force Dallas to settle for short/mid-range patterns. If Cooper/Lamb/Gallup can get free deep vs them the game is over.



The Dallas Cowboys defense is a turnover machine. Demarcus Lawrence, Randy Gregory, Micah Parsons, & Trevon Diggs all have an affinity for the ball. They have been hot. If they stay hot? Good night Irene.



Kyler Murray's versatile skill set is a handful. Unless you've seen it you can't really believe it. Passing, running, he does it all. He has been in a funk lately. If he gets hot that puts pressure on the D they've never seen before.


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