This is it. One step removed from the Super Bowl. Doesn't matter how they got here. They're here. Play ball.

Five keys to the game for when the Bengals play the Chiefs this weekend.

Bengals vs Chiefs  Conference Championship


Mahomes is in the zone. Versus Cincy, in Week 17 Mahomes threw for 259 yards, 2 TD, and a 113.9 QBR. He is playing a "lot" better now. Yep, that's scary. It should be. Mahomes is a man on a mission.

Patrick Mahomes


Joe Burrow was a man-on-fire in Week 17 vs the Chiefs. 446 yards, 4 TDs, 148 QBR. YIKES! It took that to get the narrow victory at home. It will take that and more to give the Bengals a shot in KC. The good news is, he can do that.

Joe Burrow


Tyreek Hill Mecole Hardman Byron Pringle Mahomes spreads the ball around enough to make Bill Belichick smile. You never know which receiver will shine on any play.

All Chiefs Receivers


Ja'Marr Chase Tyler Boyd Tee Higgens Week 17 Chase had 12 targets, 11 rec, 266 yds, 3 TD. Boyd and Higgens both have wheels and feed off the attention Chase gets.

All Bengals Receivers

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You may not hear about Travis Kelce until you do. He does the little things until you need the big one. Then he is a splash play magnet. He got the game-winner last week vs Buffalo. Confidence is real and it wins games.

Travis Kelce in the 4th Quarter


Joe Mixon is more than "a" RB. He is a bell-cow-back and can handle a hefty load if the Bengals decide to go that route to keep Mahomes off the field. He can handle the passing game as well so there is never a need to take him out of the game.

Joe Mixon


13 Seconds What more need be said?

Mahomes with time on the clock


The Bengals defeated the Chiefs 34-31 in Week 17 of the NFL season in Cincy. They're in KC this week. These two teams mesh perfectly. Home field advantage could be the difference in the 4th.