March Madness

Arkansas  vs  Gonzaga Preview

#4 Arkansas

1. JD Notae  2. Stanley Umude 3. Jaylin Williams

The Razorbacks Roster is looking great this year. Let's see how they can deal with the Gonzaga Bulldogs 


JD Notae (G) - 18.4 PTS, 4.5 REB, 3.6 AST

#4 Arkansas

1. Lack of Consistency 2. Poor Shooting Ability

JD Notae is a bonafide dynamic scorer from anywhere on the court. Bad shots, questionable shots, and wide-open misses have plagued Notae thus far this season.


#1 Gonzaga

1. 1st in scoring 2. 1st in DREBs 3. 5th in Blocks

Gonzaga is the best offense in the NCAA, but they also dominate the boards and don't let teams get a second chance.


Drew Timme (F)- 17.5 PTS, 6.3 RBDS, 2.7 AST

#1 Gonzaga

1. 263 in turnovers given 2. 273 in personal fouls

Gonzaga's only real weakness is turnovers. In their loss to Duke they had a whopping 17,  but still only lost by 3. They're nearly unbeatable unless a team can force them to give the ball away. 



Gonzaga is the clear favorite here and Arkansas is well out of their depth, but there is hope for them to beat the spread. 

Gonzaga are the  favorites with -9.5


We think Georgia State will be amped up to play #1 Gonzaga and will frustrate them to beat the spread. The Bulldogs have slowed down in the late season and might need a wake-up call to get back to peak form. 

Gonzaga wins by  12