Adesanya  vs Cannonier  UFC 276

Jared Cannonier  Profile 

Amerian UFC Fighter  15 - 5 has undergone an incredible body transformation

Cannonier started as Heavyweight in 2015

Transformed his body in 2017 for the first time and competed in light heavyweight and middleweight classes.

Jared Cannoier has  done something that very few UFC fighers done before

Fought in 3 weight classes and has  lost over 115 pounds (52kg)! 

Cannonier will face Incredible Israel Adesanya in a middleweight title bound fight.

Israel Adesanya is also familiar with fighting in different weight classes and he is ready for any challenge!

However, both Adesanya and Cannonier have one thing in common.

Both fighters lost to the Polish Jan Blachowicz

Expect Adesanya bring his A game in defending his title! He is also bookies favorite

Check out Adesanya vs Cannonier Stats and decide yourself who is better on paper

We should see an entertaining fight because both fighters have relatively similar stats. However, ....

Expect a 5 round fight with Adesanya dominating most of the later rounds. Cannonier is not used to title bound 5 round fights and considering his past his stamina may be questionable.

Adesanya is heavily favored by the bookies -450 vs Cannonier +430 Something to consider when you make your bets

What Is Your Game Prediction? 

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