This is it. One step removed from the Super Bowl. Doesn't matter how they got here. They're here. Play ball! 

Five keys to the game for when the 49ers play the Rams this weekend.

49ers vs Rams Conference Championship


Stafford threw 2 picks in the last loss to the Niners but has been on fire and won last-second, confidence-building games since then. As Stafford goes so go the Rams chances. This is his time in the sun. Look for him to shine

Matthew Stafford


Jimmy Garoppolo is playing lights out. He is winning games for his team. He is spreading the ball around to multiple receivers and making clutch 4th down conversions. He is leading his team to victory. He is writing his future, today.

Jimmy Garoppolo


Cooper Kupp Van Jefferson Odell Beckham Jr. OBJ has jelled into the spark plug that moves the club down the field. Van Jefferson is the silent assassin. Cooper Kupp is a legitimate MVP candidate.

Rams Receivers


Both guys are huge in the blocking game but the offense is running through Deebo right now. That being said, in crunch time the club deploys and looks for Kittle. Either guy can and do strike from anywhere on the field.

George Kittle Deebo Samuel

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Aaron Donald, Von Miller and, Floyd dominate games. They take away the run and make you call very short patterns in the passing game. Donald's play gets stronger with each snap and Von Miller is in playoff mode. This crew dictates.

Rams D Line


Nick Bosa is the key. The rest of the guys are playing great but if Bosa is hobbled or can't go the QB pressure really drops off. With Bosa playing the Niners pass D is instantly better.

Nick Bosa


Rams RB Cam Akers put the rock on the ground 2 times last week and that gets in a player's head. The Rams somehow overcame 4 fumbles for the victory. That is not winning, playoff football. They got lucky.



The 49ers are in the midst of a six-game winning streak versus the LA Rams. That is some serious domination and is one more hurdle for the Rams to overcome. Going to be a wild ride this Sunday!