49ers vs Packers. In January nobody wants to play at Lambeau and nobody wants to play the 49ers. 

Five keys to the game for when the 49ers play the Packers this weekend.

49ers vs Packers Divisional Playoff


Jimmy G is playing at an elite level. He knows the QB of the future is waiting in the wings and he is playing lights out. His shoulder did get "pranged" vs the Cowboys. Will it affect him?

Jimmy Garoppolo


Aaron Rodgers is an incredible talent playing at the peak of his abilities. Brady is the better QB for wins but the most dynamic QB in the NFL is Aaron Rodgers. Perhaps not the most popular, he is the MVP.

Aaron Rodgers


Elijah Mitchell is the guy that makes it all work. Deebo is a handful in the run game as well, but the rookie RB is the juice that makes everything else possible. Vision, power, & speed. Mitchell has it all.

Elijah Mitchell


There are other receivers on the team. None of them really matter. I know Adams is getting the ball. The Niners know. The fans know. He still gets open. He still scores. An incredible talent with a QB to match.

Davante Adams Davante Adams

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Deebo is 1st team All-Pro and a matchup nightmare playing from RB, the slot, outside, and at QB. Kittle has been excelling with his blocking duties but can take over a game on any one play. The dynamic duo!

Deebo Samuel George Kittle


Aaron Jones has not been as dynamic as in years past but still has plenty of get-up-and-go. The pack has to get him involved just enough to keep the 49ers pass rush honest. If he gets a tiny crease, he's off to the races!

Bonus Key


Will Nick Bosa make it out of the concussion protocol? The Niners need him and everybody else vs Aaron Rodgers. Bosa is the spark plug that drives the pass rush for San Fran.

Bonus Key


The Packers run D has allowed 4.7 yards-per-carry, tied for 29th in the league. The 49ers want to run the ball. See where this is going? If the Pack can't slow down the Niners' run game Aaron Rodger's impact is minimized.