When these two teams meet in the playoffs, one generally wins a Super Bowl.

Five keys to the game for when the 49ers play the Cowboys this weekend.

49ers vs Cowboys  Wild Card Weekend


Dak Prescott & Jimmy Garoppolo hold thier teams fates in their hands for diffferent reasons. The 49ers need Jimmy to be good for a victory. Dallas needs Dak to be great.

Dak Prescott Jimmy Garoppolo


Which Cowboys offensive line is going to show up? The physical, all-pro, dominating group or the crew that sets records for penalties? They have to get Zeke going and protect Zak vs a NASTY DLine that never stops.

Cowboys OLine


You know Shanahan is going to try and jam the ball down the Cowboys' throat keeping Dak off the field. He does it with a stable of backs and his receiving corps all toting the rock. If the Niners can run, it's instantly their kind of game.

49ers Run Game


Amari Cooper and CeeDee Lamb are the guys that let the Cowboys' offense explode. Wilson and Schultz are important but to dominate these two need to be active.

Amari Cooper CeeDee Lamb

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Deebo Samuel is a force to be reckoned with on Game-day. George Kittle is a force of nature. You aren't going to stop these guys but you must contain them to win.

Deebo Samuel George Kittle


We could put interceptions, and picking Diggs was tempting. But Micah Parsons has been on an unbelievable tear and his mental approach combined with his talent should produce splash plays galore.

Bonus Key


He's missed 12 kicks on the season and 7 versus the 49ers. Tell me that isn't in his head. It sure is mine.

Bonus Key


Word on the street is Kellen Moore has had the Cowboys' offense throttled back for quite a while not wanting to show his hand after they had the NFC East sewn up. IF (if) this is the case the 49ers are in for a real Wild Card Weekend.