49ers vs Cowboys Post Game - Why the Cowboys Lost 

1st play of the game Garoppolo hits Deebo Samuel for 11 with a great throw and catch. The tone is set.

The Cowboys guffawed Deebo Samuel's versatility in pregame talk. Here the WR takes the ball up the gut for the 1st on the 2nd play of the game

12 yards out you pitch the ball to a rookie RB, block Micah Parsons, and cruise into the endzone as the Cowboys players trail at 7/8 speed.

The Cowboy's best player, Micah Parsons was a shell of his normal self after returning from COVID the week before. Tough guy. But there is more ...

As if suffering from COVID wasn't enough Parsons had this happen to him early in the 1st quarter. He was a shell of his normal self. 

The flags. Here Dallas gets a solid return only to have it brought back by another flag. 14 penalties on the day. 

Bosa with the sack off the stunt and the Cowboys OLine wasn't able to run or pass block consistently.

Another hold by Williams who was a flag magnet. Not to be wasteful he seems to wait until a big play to latch onto the opposing defender. 

Here the Cowboys uncork a great play call with horrible execution. The team wasn't ready to play, at home, in the NFL wild card weekend playoffs.

It's your home stadium. It has a quirk with the sun in your grill and YOU don't consider it? WHY send a WR to the exact point you know he can't see ???

Cowboys have Dak Prescott run the ball vs pass and (presumably) spike it. He runs too far AND seemingly is unaware of the rule .......... (next slide)

... the zebra has to fight through Dak and the OLine to get to the ball to set it and by then ..... game over!

Again the Cowboys are: One-and-done in the playoffs Gashed by a power run game Destroyed by self-inflicted penalties Welcome to Cowboys Nation