2022 NFC West NFL Power Rankings

Let the powers be ranked!


Seattle Seahawks (7-10)

(+/- 0) Seattle will miss Russ. Wilson threw the least interceptions in the entire league despite being sacked 33 times. Can their solid rushing attack compensate?


-Seattle had the best rushing average in the league at 5.0 YDS/Attempt

-Seattle's defense was ranked 4th in the league in stopping 4th down conversions

-Their worst stat is their ability to create turnovers on defense; 25th in the league, which lead to being on the field for long periods. 


arizona cardinals (11-6)

(+/-0) The Cardinals are a good team who hasn't found themselves yet. They move the ball well and have a hard-nosed defense, but seem to break down under pressure. Can they challenge the 49ers and Rams this year?


-The Cardinals are ranked 11th in the league in offense and 11th in defense

-They are ranked #1 in the league in fumbles created by the defense. 

-Their worst stats are rushing defense and red zone passing defense; teams will run the field on them, then pass for a TD. (25th worst in the league)


san francisco 49ers (10-7)

(+/-0) The Niners had the number 1 red zone offense in the league, but were hampered by fumbles. Can they clean up their game to challenge the Rams?


-The Niners are ranked 13th in offense and 9th in defense. 

-Their best stat was their passing average at 7.7 Y/A

-Their worst stat is their turnovers, giving away the ball 24 times, mostly through fumbles. 


los angeles rams (12-5)

(+/- 0) The Rams look poised to repeat if they can clean up their defense. The addition of Bobby Wagner will be huge for McVay.  


-The Rams had the 7th ranked offense and the 15th ranked defense

-Their best stat was their passing TDs; they were 2nd in the league. 

-The Rams D can create turnovers but tends to stay on the field and has trouble stopping 3rd downs. 25th in the league in average drive time.