2022 NFC North NFL Power Rankings

Let the powers be ranked!


Chicago Bears (6-11)

(- 1) As if life wasn't hard enough for Fields, the Lions went and drafted Hutchinson and the packers drafted Wyatt. Meanwhile Chicago drafts a defense. Fields must be elated. 


The Chicago Bears were ranked 27th on offense and 24th on defense. 

- Their worst unit is their passing offense, ranking 29th in yards and 30th in TDs

- Their best unit is their rushing defense, ranked 19th in the league for yards per attempt. 


detroit lions (3-13)

(+1) The Lions look ready to make a leap with their draft class coming in hot. They could leap into 2nd in the division easily, but probably won't challenge Green Bay quite yet. 


- The Lions were ranked 25th on offense and 31st on defense. 

- Their worst unit was their pass defense, with a 7.2 yards per attempt allowed

- Their best unit was their rushing attack, ranked 11th in the league at 4.4 yards per attempt


Minnesota Vikings (8-9)

(+/-0) The Vikings beefed up their awful secondary in the draft this year so could solidify their position. If their defense can get more turnovers, Cousins can win games for them. He won't turn the ball over and is a very good QB to hold the lead with.


- The Vikings offense is were ranked 14th and their defense was ranked 24th. 

- Their best unit is their passing attack, ranked 9th in the league in TDs

- Their worst unit is their passing defense, ranked 28th in the league in yards allowed. 


green bay packers (13-4)

(+/-0) If Christian Watson is a hit, the Packers can challenge for a superbowl again. That's a big IF to put on the young man's shoulders, but he has the potential. 


- The Packers were the 10th ranked offense and 13th ranked defense in the NFL

- The Packers offense threw the least INTS in the league and had the shorted average drive time

- Their worst stat is their passing defense, ranked 26th in the league in TDs allowed