Let the powers be ranked!


washington Commanders (7-10)

(-1) Washington has a good run defense but is by far the most dysfunctional organization in the NFC East. Even their medical staff is suspect. Wentz is not going to have time to throw and will succumb to hero-ball again.


-The Commanders were ranked 23rd in offense and 25th in defense. -They have allowed the most passing TDs in the league -Their best stat is 4.1 rush yards allowed per rush; 9th in the league.  -Washington is one of the least penalized teams in the league.  


new york Giants (4-13)

(+1) If the Giants can make all their tools work in sync, they can give the division a run for its money. Barkley is still in his prime, the line is improving, and the defense is looking potent. Can Danny Dimes make the leap?

2022 NFC East NFL Power Rankings

2022 NFC East NFL Power Rankings


-The Giants were ranked 31st in offense and 21st in defense. -The Giants led the league in turnovers.    -Their red zone defense was their best unit; they were ranked 9th in the league in red zone TDs allowed.  -


Philadelphia eagles (9-8)

(+/- 0) The Eagles drafted well and scored a huge signing with AJ Brown. Jordan Davis and Fletcher Cox will be one  of the best duos in the NFL and Hurts has all the weapons he could ever want.  They found a replacement for Kelce and looked poised to challenge the Cowboys for the division. 


-The Eagles were ranked 12th in offense and 18th in defense. -They led the league in rushing yards and TDs -Their red zone defense is their worst unit, ranked 28th in the league


Dallas cowboys (12-5)

(+/- 0) If Tyler Smith can handle Jordan Davis, the Cowboys front office will be all smiles. A refreshed Zeke can dominate the division while Parsons shuts down Hurts with his speed and forces hero-ball from Wentz.


-The Cowboys were ranked 1st in offense and 7th in defense. -They led the league in interceptions and their defense had the shortest average time on the field.   -Dallas's worst unit is their short yardage rushing; 25th in 4th down conversions, 17th in fumbles, and 17th in rushing TDs.