2022 AFC West NFL Power Rankings

Let the powers be ranked!


Denver broncos (7-10)

(+/- 0) Russell Wilson was winning Seattle games by himself at times, and is the perfect QB to unlock Denver's dormant offense. They also drafted well by getting Bonito and Dulcich. Look for Denver to be dangerous this year. 


- The Denver Broncos had the 23rd ranked offense and 3rd ranked defense 

-The Broncos had the 3rd best red zone defense in the league. 

-Their worst unit was their passing attack, which ranked 16th in yards per attempt and 21st in 1st downs.


Las Vegas raiders (10-7)

(+/- 0) Devante Adams joining his college teammate Derrick Carr is a match made in heaven. They set records at Fresno state and could light up the AFC West this year. 


- The Las Vegas Raiders were ranked 18th in offense and 26th in defense last year

-Their best unit was their passing attack, which ranked 6th in yards and 8th in yards per attempt

- Their worst unit was their rushing attack which ranked 28th in yards and 27th in yards per attempt


los angeles chargers (9-8)

(+/- 0) The Bolts will have key players recovered from injury and Herbert continues to improve. They drafted help on the line and signed Khalil Mack. Look for them to take a step forward this year. 


- The Los Angeles Chargers ranked 5th in offense and 29th in defense.

-Their best unit is their passing attack which ranked 2nd in yards and 5th in TDs

-Their worst unit was their rushing defense which ranked 30th in yards and 28th in yards per attempt.


kansas city Chiefs (12-5)

(+/- 0) Andy Reid will have his hands full replacing Tyreek Hill and fortifying the KC defense, but he's always a top contender and they drafted well this year. Sky Moore and Justyn Ross could re-define this team.  


-The Kansas City Chiefs ranked 4th on offense and 8th on defense

-Their best unit was their passing attack which ranked 4th in yards and 6th in TDs

-Their worst unit was their passing defense which ranked 27th in yards allowed and 26th in yards allowed per attempt