2-1 Whitecaps vs Real Salt Lake: Yeah They Won!

Whitecaps vs Real Salt Lake Come From Behind

The Whitecaps vs Real Salt Lake was a battle of teams looking for an identity. Vancouver was the team that left with 3 points a bit more certainty. Despite falling behind 1-0 in the 1st half off a Damir Kreilach goal. The Whitecaps would press on in the second half.

Vancouver was able to tie things up off an own goal. We are taking that all day for Vancouver fans. And Lucas Cavallini would score the go-ahead mark in the 75th minute. Some nervous minutes for Whitecaps fans but they were able to hold on for their first win in 5 matches.

Whitecaps vs Real Salt Lake News Notes and Lineups

The Whitecaps vs Real Salt Lake Saturday night would make 3 changes to the lineup. After the 3-0 loss in San Jose, Marc Dos Santos would field a strong squad. Lucas Cavallini and Fredy Montero would get the start up front in the 4-4-2 formation.

Andy Rose would be unavailable after his red card last match. While Jasser Khmiri was off with the Tunisian National team still. Evan Bush would get his second straight start in net for the Whitecaps vs Real Salt Lake. Erik Godoy and Ranko Veselinovic would get the nod at CB. Godoy was able to go after his red card was rescinded.

Whitecaps vs Real Salt Lake

Fredy Montero and Lucas Cavallini would get the startup top. Cristian Dajome and Russell Teibert would be on the wings while Leonard Owusu and Janio Bikel would start in midfield.

Real Salt Lake was without midfielder Albert Rusnak due to international duty. Coach Freddy Juarez would put out two straight lines. A formidable technique against a Caps squad struggling to score.

Whitecaps vs Real Salt Lake
Whitecaps vs Real Salt Lake

Road Team Stole The First Half

Things would kick off between the Whitecaps vs Real Salt Lake. RSL would take a couple of early fouls and the game wasn't able to get into much of a rhythm. Vancouver had some promise in the first 5 minutes. More importantly, they hadn't given up a goal. The Whitecaps were trying for a high press while RSL was trying to keep a high line. Something would have to give this match.

It was a scrambly play but Vancouver would win the first corner in the 8th minute. It was easily cleared by RSL and Vancouver would have to regroup. Lucas Cavallini would win Vancouver a free kick in a very dangerous spot. Ali Adnan would step up to take it in the 12th minute but shot it right at the wall. Fredy Montero would win another free-kick but it was sent long.

The score was tied at 0 after 13 minutes. The Whitecaps were looking to attack but turned the ball over. Fredy Montero was forced to take a foul and it was a bit harsh. He was shown a yellow card by referee Silviu Petrescu in minute 14. The action would slow down as neither team wanted to make a mistake. There were a lot of fouls for both teams in the first 25 minutes.

Marcelo Silva was given a yellow card for a foul on Cavallini. The 23rd-minute Free kick would be wasted by the Whitecaps. RSL would win one of their own and do the same.

Whitecaps Will Be Road Warriors
Photo By Joshua Griffith Sports Talk Line

The Whitecaps would win their second free-kick of the first half. Some great work by Cavallini, he was able to get on the end of the corner but with no power. It was easy save for Andrew Putna. Real Salt Lake would get their first corner of the match in the 28th minute. The delivery was poor and it looked as though Vancouver could break out. Dajome wasn't able to break down the wing but the Caps won a throw.

A Free kick in the 29th minute was delivered perfectly by Montero. Dajome header was poor and the ball was up over the net. Real Salt Lake would get the best chance so far in the match. Justin Meram was on the end of a cross and was able to square it back to Damir Kreilach. His shot rolled just wide of Evan Bush and the far post. Things would stay 0-0 in the 32nd minute.

Real Salt Lake would get their second corner after Erik Godoy had a bad touch. The cross was worse than the touch as it was sent way to long. Justin Meram would foul Jake Nerwinski in the 36th minute. Jake was down for a little bit but would be okay. RSL would continue to work the ball around and would be rewarded. Maikel Chang would swing it into Meram and he was able to head it back into the box. Krielach would be unmarked and have an easy tap in past Evan Bush in the 37th minute.

For the fifth straight game, Vancouver had conceded the first goal. They tried to mount a response to end the half. A free kick in the 40th minute that was cleared easily. The teams would switch playback and forth as things continue to be chippy. Janio Bikel was shown a yellow in the 43rd minute after Pablo Ruiz was given one minute earlier. There would be 3 added minutes in the first half of Whitecaps vs Real Salt Lake.

Real Salt Lake looked to get a second goal before halftime but it was offside. Vancouver tried to get things going quickly but the Whistles continued and it was called back. To be fair as the first half would wind down the Whistles were annoying but not as much as those damm car horns in San Jose. Things would end 1-0 for RSL going into halftime.

Whitecaps vs Real Salt Lake Responded In The Second Half

Neither coach would make any changes at halftime for Whitecaps vs Real Salt Lake. Much like the first half, things were choppy to start the second. Real Salt lake would win a corner in the 51st minute but Bush was fouled on the cross. Things would continue to drag along. Douglas Martínez would go down after a nonfoul by Godoy. He would lay on the pitch for several minutes but sprinted right back on as play would resume in the 54th minute.

2-1 Whitecaps vs Real Salt Lake: Yeah They Won! 1
Whitecaps vs Real Salt Lake

The match was playing out perfectly for RSL as they would be happy to let Vancouver go for long balls over the top. Ali Adnan was looking to drive down the left side but was fouled hard by Aaron Herrera in the 58th minute. He was shown a yellow card but Vancouver would once again waste the free-kick. Veselinovic was called for a foul and it went the other way.

Cavallini was given a yellow card for a clumsy foul on Justin Glad. 61 minutes in and it was the 3rd Vancouver player with a yellow. Vancouver would try and possess the ball and work it over the top. Cavallini would get through but it would run out for a corner. Montero's delivery was once again not great and cleared by RSL. Dajome would come back in with a cross from Dajome but it was easy for Putna.

2-1 Whitecaps vs Real Salt Lake: Yeah They Won! 2
Whitecaps vs Real Salt Lake

The Whitecaps would make changes in the 66th minute bringing on Michael Baldisimo would come on to replace Leonard Owusu. Vancouver would get another free-kick but the ball was short and Putna and Dajome came into a clash. RSL would bring on Corey Baird for Justin Meram in the 68th minute. Another change for Vancouver bringing on Ryan Raposo for Russell Teibert. Vancouver would get some spark from the changes.

A Free kick in the 70th minute and Baldisimo would send in a nice ball into the box. Douglas Martínez would get a head on it for RSL but it floated into the back of the net. We were tied up at 1-1 in the 71st minute. Real Salt Lake tired to take the lead with a corner kick but it was driven right at Evan Bush. The Whitecaps would take the lead shortly after.

A great switch by Michael Baldisimo to Ali Adnan. His cross rolled at the feet of Dajome before he was able to find Montero. His shot was stopped by Putna but Cavallini was there to bury the rebound. Vancouver had the lead at the 75th-minute mark. RSL tried to break in but the ball was long and Martinez was shown a yellow card for contact with Bush.

Whitecaps vs Real Salt Lake

The yellow card party would continue as Dajome would foul Glad in the 79th minute. Cavallini would continue his strong play and win Vancouver another corner. It was cleared away and Salt Lake would go on the attack. Chang had a shot that was easily saved by Bush before they would get an 82nd-minute corner. It was also cleared. Montero looked to counter but he was cut down by Herrera.

Coach Freddy Juarez would make a change in the 83rd minute. The pressure would mount for Vancouver as Corey Baird had a great chance in the 84th minute. RSL would get a corner but they would foul Vancouver in the box. Vancouver would be able to break back out and then make several substitutions in the 86th minute, Derek Cornelius would come on for Fredy Montero while Tosaint Ricketts would replace Dajome. Vancouver was looking to hold onto the lead.

Real Salt Lake would throw everything they could at Vancouver. Some dangerous balls into the box but they were able to clear the danger. There would be 5 minutes of added time for RSL to try and tie things up. Ramirez would look to get on the end of a cross but would smash into Evan Bush. The added minute would tick on past 95 and the Whitecaps would almost counter.

Baldisimo would win a late free kick in the corner and Vancouver would take it to the corner. One last chance for Salt Lake as Veselinovic would give up a foul. The keeper was up but it was cleared. a last chance corner kick but Vancouver would clear and get their first win in, well a long time.

Post Match Comments

The mood Saturday night was much more pleasant than the last couple of matches. Head coach Marc Dos Santos spoke first about the Whitecaps vs Real Salt Lake match tonight.

"I thought at halftime, when we came back to the locker room, I was thinking it cannot happen again. I felt that we were the best team in the first half. Overall, we came out with a good attitude, we didn't have clear chances but we were the best team."

"We were the closest team in the last third. Then they get that goal, man we showed these moments with Justin Meram and (Damir) Kreilach like so many times that right now sometimes we're afraid in our scouting report if we talk too much about a situation that the opponent does it looks like it happens. But then what I said at halftime. It's now, it's now the opportunity to show how much we want to be in the top eight."

2-1 Whitecaps vs Real Salt Lake: Yeah They Won! 3
Whitecaps vs Real Salt Lake

Cavallini talked about the wins effect for the team going forward, "I thought that after the game today, I saw a different mentality, and the players, we have to enjoy today, enjoy the victory and then tomorrow, think about the next game on Wednesday."

I asked Evan Bush how he has settled in with the team after a couple of weeks.

"It's been a really enjoyable group to be around. I don't know if it's because it's a much younger group than the group that I came from so there's a little bit of more, maybe, innocence. In terms of, if you lose three or four games in a row, where I was, it got very tense, very heavy, very quickly. And not to say that that we weren't tense here losing games in a row, but there's belief every time you go into a game."

It was clear the team was excited after the Whitecaps vs Real Salt Lake 2-1 victory,

Unnamed Sports Show Points Of The Match

We have a win to talk about tonight which means I will actually have some Unnamed Sports Show points to pass along.

Ali Adnan "Best Player"

You redeemed yourself tonight Ali! You didn't have a solid game on the defensive end but MDS was able to interchange you and Rusty. It provided some dynamic down the left side and lead to the second goal. Chill out on the referee though! "Ali it's over" was my favorite shout from the technical area.

Whitecaps vs Real Salt Lake
Whitecaps vs Real Salt Lake

Post Media Moment Of The Match

This was a toss-up tonight as I felt both trolled by AFTN and JJ. So I will include both into my post media moment of the match for the Whitecaps vs Real Salt Lake.

Whitecaps vs Real Salt Lake

Just to have you know JJ I am 32! Not my fault I can't grow facial hair. The second goes to the question stealing Michael.

Whitecaps vs Real Salt Lake

At least I wished him a happy Thanksgiving unlike the rest of you inconsiderate media members!

Sports Talk Line Network

Vancouver will take on LAFC from Providence Park on Wednesday night. They will look for revenge on the 6-0 thrashing they got a couple of weeks ago. Make sure to tune into the Sports Talk Line website for the latest on the Vancouver Whitecaps.

They will try and improve on this one game win streak and 5 of the next 6 matches at home. As we were so kindly pointed out by Nathan in the media. Steal my questions all you want AFTN just get your facts right! AFTN is great by the way and if you don't follow them then you are missing out. Oh and follow me on twitter while you are there at @JoshuaGriffith0.

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