Whitecaps Fall 4-2 To The Impact

Whitecaps Fall 4-2 To The Impact In Chirpy Match

Sunday Night Sees The Whitecaps Fall 4-2 To The Impact

The Whitecaps fall 4-2 to the Impact from BC Place Sunday night. After a good start that saw Theo Bair give them a 1-0 lead. Things slowly fell apart and then really quickly fell apart even more.

For a preview of the match look no further than right here on Sports Talk Line. Also included is a chat on the Unnamed Sports Show with Alexandre Gangue-Ruzic breaking down the Whitecaps preview 3-2 victory over TFC and looking ahead to Sunday's game.

Sunday nights Whitecaps would go with the exact same starting lineup as last weekend against TFC. Something that fans have wanted, a sense of consistency, looked to be upon the Whitecaps. Theo Bair and Lucas Cavallini up top with David Milinkovic as the 10. Russell Teiber, Leonard Owusu, and youngster Michael Baldisimo start in the midfield. Ali Adnan, Derek Cornelius, Andy Rose, and Erik Godoy from left to right at the back. Bryan Meredith was back on the bench as was Yordy Reyna.

The Montreal Impact would make one change to the squad that fell 2-1 to TFC on Wednesday. Orji Okwonkwo gets the start over Lassi Lappalainen up top on the left. Montreal would look to Romell Quioto and Saphir Taider for the majority of their offense Sunday evening.

Montreal needs all 6 points in the next two matches to keep pace for the Canadian Championship. They came into Sunday night knowing this, it would be curious to see how it dictated their play. Would the Impact come out guns blazing to get an early lead and try and recapture the goal differential Sunday or would they start tentatively?

1st Half Whitecaps vs Impact

Vancouver would eventually get things kicked off after trying to start early and not taking a knee... twice. Both teams would try and get the feel to start the game. Vancouver would give up a 3rd-minute free kick on a cheeky foul, the cross into the box was fumbled by Hasal that led to the first corner. The Impact took it short but it was cleared twice by the Whitecaps before they were able to get some possession.

Vancouver would take the lead early after some nice work defensively by Michael Baldisimo. He came back and won the ball before he was able to get it to Milinkovic. David Milinkovic was able to find a streaking Theo Bair with a beautiful ball in the 14th minute. Bair made no mistake for his first of the season. Baldisimo got the hockey assist on the play with Milinkovic getting the primary assist.

Whitecaps fall 4-2 to the impact
Whitecaps Fall 4-2 to the Impact

The Whitecaps would allow Montreal to control the ball but were pressuring very well collectively as a team. It could have been 2-0 Vancouver in the 14th minute if not for a great save by Clement Diop. Vancouver would waste the corner and after a turnover, the Impact would take advantage. Quioto would sprint down the right side and after beating Derek Cornelius sent a shot past Hasal off the woodwork. The ball bounced right to Taider who passed it to a wide-open Orji Okwonkwo who tied the game at 1.

Both teams would let things open up a bit, Vancouver gave up a free-kick in the 19th minute and the Hasal was forced to make a shaky save on the cross. Vancouver would try and counter quickly but Leonard Owusu had his shot blocked from the top of the box. The Whitecaps were trying the long ball by Erik Godoy but it was just cut off before it could get to Lucas Cavallini in the 20th minute. Some great runs by the Whitecaps forwards to test the Impacts backline looked to be the gameplan in the first half.

You could tell there were more goals coming in the first half. Vancouver would once again counter-attack on the Impact after a nice sliding tackle by Baldisimo and an even nicer turn by Cavallini. His final ball lacked quality and he couldn't pick out Bair or Milinkovic on the run despite having the 3 on 2 advantage. In the 30th minute a long-range header from Cavallini that Diop had to be sharp to stop forced a corner. Again Vancouver would try a training ground piece trying to get Ali Adnan in a dangerous spot to whip it in.

Whitecaps Fall 4-2 To The Impact

After a smoke break...oops hydration break things would get a bit chirpy between the two teams. By the 38th minute, Pierre-Luc Lauziere was having words with both teams. Milinkovic and Okwonkwo were both called back to get a talking too. in the 40th minute,

IMFC look to take the 2-1 lead but it was called offside. Montreal would continue the pressure blasting shots on the Whitecaps goal. One was blocked before Hasal was just able to fist one over the net for a 42nd-minute corner. The Impact was also looking to bring it back up to the center of the park before crossing it in. Vancouver was able to clear the first chance before the second phase was saved by Hasal.

2nd Half Whitecaps vs Impact: Montreal Took Control

No Substitutions by either team to start the half, the Impact would start on the attack but a ball in too close caused a foul on Hasal. Vancouver would earn a free kick in the 50th minute thanks to some work by Owusu. Baldisimo would cross the ball in but it was headed wide by Cavallini. Montreal would increase their lead in the 51st minute thanks to some poor marking by Russell Teibert. Okwonkwo was able to work it down to Taider who found a streaking Samuel Piette. Between a group of white jerseys, he was able to sneak in and put it home for the 3-1 lead.

Vancouver was on their back foot and trying to launch the ball downfield. Cavallini was clearly frustrated and had a bit of a dirty shot on Diop. He was given his second yellow and shown a red card, Cavallini didn't take this lightly as a fight was almost started in the 6-yard box. Cooler heads would prevail and the Whitecaps would make a line change in the 55th minute. Fredy Montero, Jake Nerwinski, Cristian Dajome, and Cristian Gutiérrez were brought on to replace. Bair, Godoy, Owusu, and Adnan. Ali Adnan best-dressed player as he didn't wait to go and change.

Montreal began to run away with it after Vancouver was down to ten men. Just no defense at all and Quioto was able to just walk around Hasal to make it 4-1 in the 60th minute. Piette would get the assist and it felt like things were going to get badly out of hand for the Whitecaps. Thankfully for everyone watching they were able to weather the storm and pull one back. After a couple of corners, Vancouver was able to make a nice overlapping run down the right side. Cristian Gutierrez was able to cross it in and it took a deflection off Rudy Camacho in the 64th minute.

Dajome would receive a caution in the 69th minute, Nice! Sorry habit. The Impact would send in a free-kick long and over the net as we hit the 70th minute. Things would even up player wise thanks to a clumsy foul by Emanuel Maciel on Dajome. It was yellow at first but VAR reviewed and he was sent off. The Whitecaps would make their final substitution bringing on Yordy Reyna for Milinkovic and he was an instant spark earning the Whitecaps a corner. A half-chance would lead to nothing before the second half hydration break at the 76th-minute mark.

Whitecaps Fall 4-2 To The Impact
Whitecaps Fall 4-2 To The Impact

At 4-2 it was The Montreal Impacts match to lose and they keep up the pressure in Vancouver's zone. A free-kick for the Impact in the 80th minute before a corner that was cleared in the 81st. With just over 10 minutes left in the match, Vancouver needed to start attacking if they wanted to get two goals and go for the tie. A nice cross in the 83rd minute but Diop was out to grab it. Shouts for a penalty but the Whitecaps players but nothing was given.

Theirry Henry would start using his substitutions in the 86th minute. Quioto would come off for Lassi Lappalainen. The Whitecaps almost got one more back in the 89th minute. Dajome's shot was pushed aside by Diop before the ball bounced right out to Russell Teibert. His shot was blocked off the line for a corner, VWFC would waste the corner before Montreal would make their second sub.

7 minutes of added time was indicated by the 4th official and Reyna and Dajome were trying as hard as they could to get one back. Reyna was playing Dajome down into space on the right side and several times he had a chance to do something dangerous with it. Montreal was able to clear and the final whistle sounded.

Vancouver Fell 4-2 to The Impact And Were Seeing Red

Despite taking a lead and scoring 2 goals the Whitecaps are back in the losing column after Sunday night. And after recieving two cautions Cavallini was shown a red card in the 57th minute and almost started a fight with the Impact Keeper. I like the passion but it was silly by the Canadian International. Vancouver could have made a more "impactful" comeback but it was for nothing the late own goal.

Media availability was short after the match. Like really short, Like they just lost 4-2 in a crazy game pissed short. Head coach Marc Dos Santos on the results,

"To come here and talk with you right after the game without seeing some of the moments is hard, but what I'll say is that we got the first goal, then there's a great chance to do the 2-0. We don't score, Diop makes a good, very good save, and then when they tied the game in the play with Quioto and Okwonkwo, we became unstable, we struggled and then that penalty shot that just before the half, it hurt the team."

When asked about the play of his designated player Cavallini and his second yellow card, "So, is it a yellow card? Yes. So it's a second yellow card. It's right from the ref that had a very hard night like us, we had a hard night, the ref too, had a very hard night. But that decision of the second yellow on Cava is the right one because he wasn't able to take his foot off."

Whitecaps Fall 4-2 to the Impact
Whitecaps Fall 4-2 To The Impact

MDS spoke about the play from Cavallini but him needing to be able to hold it back when he has to. Theo Bair kept things short and right to point in his post-game comments. “I think that we just have to come together and focus on the next game, not worry too much about it, focus on our mistakes, and fix them for the next game and go harder next time.” They will definitely need to do that after the Whitecaps fall 4-2 to the Impact.

Sports Talk Lines Whitecaps Coverage

Make sure to tune into Sports Talk Line for more coverage of the Whitecaps vs Impact from BC Place Sunday night. If you don't follow me on Twitter then you missed all the matchday excitement from BC Place. Don't worry there is still always time to go back and find out which Whitecaps media member had Hobnobs, and who enjoys the Reggae at BC Place.

Bringing you all the things from the match you can't get anywhere else make sure to stay tuned to the Sports Talk Line network. Also, make sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel for even more great content.

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