5 Big Football Rule Changes for 2019-20 Season

5 Big Football Rule Changes for 2019/20 Season

What are the Big Football Rule Changes That Will Change The Game The Most?

Earlier this year International Football Association Board (IFAB) has decided to come up with a few changes that will drastically change football. The Changes have officially come into force on June 1, 2019, though competitions that have already started before this day can officially delay the introduction of the rules till the start of the new season, this is the case for MLS and many other non-European top leagues. There are 5 big football rule changes that you must know about before the league you follow starts.

Rule #1 Free Kicks: No Attacking Players In The Wall

Starting next season attacking players will not be allowed to mingle with the defending players in the wall line. This will be an interesting change we shall not see players trying to muscle each other but rather see a high-quality free-kick maestro curving the ball around the wall. Specifically, this new rule states “when there is a wall of three or more players attackers are not allowed within one meter (1.1 yards) of it.

Football Rule Change #1: No Attacking Players Are Permitted In The Wall
Noncompliance with this rule will lead to penalization. The charge will not be criminal but it will still not be pleasant from having an advantage the team will lose it and the opposing team will be awarded an indirect free kick.

The IFAB argues that: “There is no legitimate tactical justification for attackers to be in the ‘wall’ and their presence is against the ‘spirit of the game’ and often damages the image of the game.”

This type of miss step can be very beneficial for contra attacking teams with pacy wingers. I am sure that there will be more than a few times we will see an incredible counteroffensive play leading to a goal after breaking this rule.

Rule #2 Substitutions: Player Must Leave Pitch At Nearest Point

This will be a strategical game changer! This new regulation will prevent lengthy substitutions that lead to time wasting. This new rule will change the dynamics of the game in many different ways especially for the managers that were using late in the game substitution to waste time.

The new rule will now force players to quickly leave the pitch and head straight to a technical area or dressing room. If they don’t do so they are risking penalization for unsporting behavior. Now we will see how referees will actually enforce this rule because players will still fake it and try to wast every second they can with jogging of the field slower than old grandma.

In theory, this new rule sounds great but if players leave the pitch on the other side of the field they will be exposed to the wrath of fans more than ever before. This new rule may actually lead to more racist comments and insults from the fans. Despite players being professional it’s always difficult to deal with unpleasant fans…

Rule #3 Goalkeeper Passing: Keeper Can Pass To A Player In The Box From Goal Kick

Until now goalkeepers were allowed to pass a ball to a player only if they were outside of the 18-yard area. That’s not the case anymore. The argument behind this change was once again related to time wasting. Defenders under pressure seemed to purposefully touch the ball inside of the box which led to a goal kick restart.

This new rule change will allow attacking players pressing very high the field which will make life more complicated for keepers that are not so good with the ball on their feet.

Rule #4 Penalty Kicks 1.1: Goalkeepers Must Have At Least One Foot On Line

This rule is exactly what it says it is. Until now goalkeepers were supposed to stay on the line but they were allowed to move freely and distract penalty kickers. That’s not the case anymore either.

The new rule greatly limits what the goalkeeper can when trying to save a penalty kick.

“Allowing the goalkeeper to have only one foot touching the goal line (or, if jumping, in line with the goal line) when the penalty kick is taken is a more practical approach as it is easier to identify if both feet are not on the line,” goes the IFAB’s explanation.

“As the kicker can ‘stutter’ in the run, it is reasonable that the goalkeeper can take one step in anticipation of the kick.”

Since the keeper cannot distract the penalty kicker in anyways it’s up to the fans to help him as that not what the rules prohibit in any way, perhaps this would be a good way to distract a penalty kicker now on.

Rule #5 Penalty Kicks 1.2: No Rebounds From Penalty Kicks

In this upcoming season, we will not see goals from penalty kicks anymore because something like this will not be allowed anymore. The trickery of La Liga superstar Leo Messi will have to show in a different way from this point on.

The new penalty kick regulations will be now more similar to a hockey penalty shot. The kicker will have only one score a goal, the same way as it is in penalty shootouts that come in overtime. The rationale for this new way of penalty kicks is… Wait for it, or rather don’t because it would be against the new IFAB rules, yes you got it right – time wasting.

This new rule shall decrease the time wasted by players for lining up around the box and muscling for a better position. So from this point on if a keeper catches a penalty kick or a kicker hit a bar or misses it will lead to an automatic goalkeeper kick off.

This new rule will certainly put extra pressure on the kicker because he will now be forced to convert his shoot into a goal on his first try.

Here is the list of more IFAB big football rule changes that will be implemented at the beginning of the next season for each football league and will definitely affect the flow of the game.

Drop ball will no longer be competitive

Meaning: “The current dropped ball procedure often leads to a ‘manufactured’ restart which is ‘exploited’ unfairly (e.g. kicking the ball out for a throw-in deep in the opponents’ half) or an aggressive confrontation.”

“Returning the ball to the team that last played it restores what was ‘lost’ when play was stopped, except in the penalty area where it is simpler to return the ball to the goalkeeper.”

“To prevent that team gaining an unfair advantage, all players of both teams, except the player receiving the ball, must be at least 4m (4.5 yds) away.”

Red & Yellow Cards for Coaches and Staff

This new rule is aimed towards coaches and staff that step outside of the line and argue with referees, or in case offending individual of a team cannot be identified.

Red and Yellow Cards For Coaches and Staff

Handball Goals Will not Count

This new rule will mean that there will be no goal in cases where the ball hits players hand whether by accident or intentionally and now we are not talking about Maradona’s goal type of situation but rather a more common situation that happens after a penalty kick off a free kick.

Which of the big rule changes do you think will affect the game the most?

Which of these rules will be hard to enforce?

Will these rules help football?

Let me know what you think about these rule changes on social media or in comments below!

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