Aaron Wan-Bissaka Price Tag

Is Aaron Wan-Bissaka £55 mil Price Tag Justified?

Who Is Aaron Wan-Bissaka

Aaron Wan-Bissaka, 21, currently playing Crystal Palace F.C.  and England U21 player, has raised many eyebrows this transfer season, with an apparent price tag of £55 mil. For many fans, Aaron Wan-Bissaka is a relatively unknown player that had a hell of a first season in the Premier League. However, is Aaron Wan-Bissaka’s price tag justified?

Aaron Wan-Bissaka’s Stats

Here are some compelling stats that may make the £55 mil price tag justifiable.

It’s been reported that Manchester United is going to be very active in the transfer market this summer. United needs reinforcement in pretty much all defensive positions and according to reports Aaron Wan-Bissaka may be on his way to Manchester. But the question is, whether Manchester United is willing to pay the staggering price for Wan-Bissaka which would make him the most expensive full-back in the world of football. It’s clear that Manchester United needs reinforcements but paying £55 mil for a fullback that is very good only defensively and does not fully match a profile of a modern fullback can be a tad too much money. After all Red Devils haven’t been that successful in the transfer market in recent years.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka’s attacking presence was literally nonexistent in his 2018-19 campaign. Yes, he got 3 assists and created 4 big chances, and crossed on 76 instances but that’s simply not good enough for a player with such a hefty price tag. In addition, Wan-Bissaka committed 25 fouls and his recklessness got him sent off the field once with the red card.

If you compare Wan-Bissaka’s overall stats with his English compatriot from Liverpool Trent Alexander-Arnold it just makes you wonder how much would a team have to pay for Alexander-Arnold. Alexander-Arnold scored 2 goals and got 13 assists. At the same time, both players did not make any errors leading to a goal, however, Alexander-Arnold, unlike Wan-Bissaka, showed that he can help his team offensively and defensively.

According to MailOnline’s Jodan Seward Manchester United is trying to renegotiate Wan-Bissaka’s price. He noted that “The two clubs are still locked in talks as they try to find common ground on the fee.” Apparently, Crystal Palace is not interested in the initial Manchester United offer of “£35m plus £15m in a bonus payment” that would be determined by Wan-Bissaka’s further development.

Does Aaron Wan-Bissaka’s Future lie in Manchester United?

Not necessarily! The summer transfer season is long and teams have enough time to make the right decision. It’s clear that Wan-Bissaka is not the only RB that Red Devils are interested in.  According to Sky Sports News  Wan-Bissaka’s transfer may not materialize as United are sniffing around and are stepping up their interest in Championship Norwich City Right Back, Max Aarons.

Max Aarons will certainly be a cheaper option despite being named EFL’s young player of the season.

It would be interesting to see Wan-Bissaka joining Manchester United for a price close to the asking £55 mil that would give Crystal Palace enough funds to acquire Max Aarons, who is more similar to Alexander-Arnold and can make a difference on both ends of the field.

It will be interesting to see where Wan-Bissaka ends up at the end of the transfer season. He is a very talented player there is no doubt about that. However, he is not a completely modern fullback, thus, I would argue that he will not be joining United this summer if his price tag is £55 mil. He is not good enough to be the most expensive fullback. I would honestly be surprised if Red Devils pay more than £40 mil including bonuses. Wan-Bissaka has a great career in front of him and he is not in rush to leave Crystal Palace this summer.

Wilfred Zaha, a former Manchester United player make also swayed Wan-Bissaka’s decision to leave Crystal Palace. After all, Zaha himself was seen as one of the hottest prospects when he signed for Manchester United, and no doubt that he still holds a grudge against his former team after he was poorly treated by David Moyes, Man United Manager at the time.

Zaha may play more influence in Wan-Bissaka’s transfer than just a mare compatriot giving his opinion on his time in Manchester United. According to theSun Crystal Palace will lower Wan-Bissaka’s price tag but only if Red Devils agree to wipe off their Wilfred Zaha sell-on fee as a part of the reported Aaron Wan-Bissaka transfer deal. Manchester United signed winger Zaha for £15million back in 2013 but sold him back to Palace only two years later for just £6m – though the deal included a clause that means the Reds receive a sizeable percentage of any future sale.

Many clubs are interested in Zaha’s services including – Tottenham, Dortmund, and Inter Milan. Zaha is valued by his current employer for about £80 mil and it would make sense for Crystal Palace management to let Wan-Bissaka price demands drop if they could negotiate United opting-out from the sell-on fee!

Let’s see what will happen this summer. Manchester United needs a lot of reinforcement and will certainly have some difficult decisions to make.

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