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Another week and another Giornata in the books. This Giornata brought us excitement and controversy. There are a lot of moving parts in this version of the power rankings so time to break it down.


  1. Inter⬆️ This team has finally come full circle and look like a team that can potentially compete with Juve for the Scudetto. With the most impressive win of the Campionato, winning 3-0 on the road in the capital against Lazio, Propelling them to first in the rankings. Icardi is on fire right now, and it’ll be tough to cool him off. Next test for inter will be a visit from Genoa
  2. Juventus↔️ A couple controversial calls and Cristiano Ronaldo finding the net twice propelled Juve over Empoli 2-1.  They remain one of the best teams in the world, and they will continue to play their gritty style of soccer. Up next for Juventus is Cagliari at home.
  3. Napoli⬇️ For Napoli things seem to be getting tighter. Sunday they expected to get a win in the Derby Del Sud but wound up drawing Roma 1-1 with thanks to a late goal by Dries Mertens. For Napoli, they need to stay the course, with Juve winning that gave them back their 6 point cushion over Napoli. Now Inter has risen through the table and are tied with them for second. Next up for Napoli will Empoli, and they need a good result in this match.
  4. Milan⬆️ Participated in what was probably the most exciting match of the week against Sampdoria, a shootout which wound up in a victory, 3-2. The key seems to be Gattuso’s plugging in Crotone up top with Higuain, they both complement each other well. Gattuso must also still show trust in Suso, allow him to be creative out on the flank. These three all scored and will be key for Milan going forward. Next up will be a double match week as they face Genoa midweek at home, then end the week with a trip to Udinese.
  5. Lazio⬇️ After weeks of promising play, Lazio slipped up in the worst way against Inter, losing 3-0. Granted this is an Inter squad who has gotten better as the season progresses, but still very disappointing for Inzaghi’s squad. Good individual performances by Ciro Immobile and Adam Marušić, as they both stood out. Up next they get a chance to bounce back against SPAL.
  6. Fiorentina↔️ Another draw for Fiorentina this week, as they drew Torino 1-1. They had their fair share of chances but couldn’t find another goal. The scoring has been hard to come around by for this squad, as this youthful bunch is hitting a bit of a wall but Stefano Pioli has them still fighting. Next up for the Violas doesn’t get easier as they host Roma.
  7. Roma⬆️ Soon as Roma thought they had a win, Ancelotti’s Army found a way to get a point, as the Derby Del Sud ended in a 1-1 draw. A match in which Roma had the lead for most of the match, but a little conservative play allowed an aggressive Napoli to gain a point. Up next for Roma is a trip to Tuscany to face Fiorentina.
  8. Sampdoria⬇️ Tough result by the men from Genoa, but they genuinely have been a surprise this season. This past Giornata, they just lost to Milan by one goal losing 3-2, but it was tight all match long. They need to find ways to get more shots on goal, that could have been the difference in this match, as Milan won in this particular statistic hence why they won the match. Next up for Samp will be a visit from Tornio.
  9. Torino⬆️ The Toros played much better this Giornata, drawing a good youthful Fiorentina side, 1-1. You saw more creativity and solid chances by Torino, manager Walter Mazzarri has to be pleased. Thanks to an own goal by Fiorentina Goalkeeper Albán Lafont, Torino we’re Able to salvage a point. Next for Torino is a tough match against Sampdoria.
  10. Sassuolo↔️ Despite Sassuolo looking flat against Bologna, they remain 10th for the rankings in it’s third consecutive Giornata. Sassuolo tied Bologna 2-2, but Bologna played like the better side, a squad who has struggled on the road all season long. The good news is they were still able to gain a point in this match and face dead last place Chievo next week.
  11. Genoa⬆️ After being the team who was able to stump Juventus with their draw against them last week, they were hoping to keep it rolling with a win, unfortunately, they didn’t get the win but still got a point, as they drew Udinese 2-2. They truly were able to survive as Udinese had 16 minutes of a 10 man Genoa squad. Up next for Genoa is two really tough matches against the Milan clubs, Wednesday is the reschedule with Milan and Saturday they face Inter.  Both Milan clubs are in the up and up.
  12. Cagliari⬆️ The Sicilian squad have found a way to sneak into not only 12th in my rankings but 12th in the table, we all expected this team to battle for relegation and now they have top 10 on their mind. Cagliari took care of business on Sunday, winning 2-1 against Chievo. Hopefully, the Sicilians enjoyed last week, because they’re going from the last place team to the first place team this week, facing Juventus.
  13. Atalanta⬆️ Back to Back wins, and a ray of light has shined back on this club. Saturday they beat Parma 3-1. They have 8 goals in 2 matches and dominated against a Parma squad who is going through their own downfall. We’ll see if they can keep this play as they travel to Bologna.
  14. Parma⬇️ They are going through a bad stretch, suffering another loss this past Giornata, losing 3-1 to Atalanta. They’re scoring threats Roberto Inglese and Gervinho have been quiet. They need to find a way to get out of this skid. Up next for Parma will be a match with Frosinone.
  15. Udinese ↔️ After getting beaten down by Napoli last Giornata, it was an opportunity for Udin to bounce back. They didn’t get a win but still were able to gain a point in a match against Genoa, drawing 2-2. Both their lethal attackers (Kevin Lasagna and Rodrigo De Paul) scored for Udin. Up next for Udinese Will have a matchup against a red-hot Milan.
  16. SPAL⬇️ This squad had a Giornata to forget, having given Frosinone it’s first win of the season, losing by an embarrassing final score of 3-0, making it worse is they lost in front of their home crowd. They just straight up showed up flat. Up next is a trip to the capital to face Lazio.
  17. Empoli⬆️ Was it a penalty or was it not? That was the question of this match, as a PK was what the difference was for Empoli to hand Juve its second draw of the season, but instead, they lost to Juve 2-1. Serie B legend Empoli’s Francesco Caputo had a spectacular goal to give Juve bit of a scare in the 28th minute, but thanks to another heroic Cristiano game they lost. Next up will be another tough matchup as they travel south to Napoli.
  18. Bologna,⬇️ They showed up to play this weekend, as they gave Sassuolo everything they can handle. Despite the good performance still were only able to gain a point, drawing 2-2 to Sassuolo, remaining winless on the road on this season. Next up for Bologna is a visit from Atalanta.
  19. Frosinone↔️ Finally, Finally, Finally Frosinone got their first win of the season, even better was the way they got it on the road, beating SPAL 3-0. Unfortunately they are still locked in 19th in the table as well as the rankings. After it seemed like manger Moreno Lungo was on the hot seat, his tactics seemed to get to the players. Up next Frosinone will have a trip to Parma, who desperately need a win.
  1. Chievo↔️ Again we see Chievo at the bottom as they lost another match, losing 2-1 to Cagliari. Ventura has a tough task ahead of him trying to get this team to get out of relegation, as they still only have -1 point on the season. Up next for The Flying Donkeys is a match with Sassuolo.

It was an exciting Giornata we had in store. We know Juve is the best team right now, but it looks like not only Napoli but Inter have something to say about Juve getting their 8th consecutive Scudetto. In the middle of the pack, we still don’t know clearly who’s going to separate themselves to fight for Europa league or even top ten. Giornata ten should bring us some more exciting matches, and we shall see how the table and the rankings look!

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