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Seven Giornatas in and the contenders for top positioning are starting to separate themselves from the rest of the pack. Time to look at the power rankings heading into Giornata 8.

1. Juventus↔️ No surprise again as they continue their dominance in Serie A. After their mid-week Dybala show against Young Boys, Juve came back with a dominant 2-0 win at Udinese. After the break Juve host Krzysztof Piątek and Genoa.

2. Napoli↔️ What a great job by this squad to bounce back after their blunders against Juve. Not only winning the epic match against Liverpool but bouncing back in league play beating Sassuolo 2-0. Lorenzo Insigne is playing out of his mind right now. Next up will be a trip to Udinese.

3. Inter↔️ they remain in the top three after their 2-1 win at SPAL. Although it wasn’t a last minute goal, they still love taking the match to the wire, with Icardi being the hero again, scoring in the 78th minute. Next up is the Derby of Milan which should be the match of the week.

4. Roma,⬆️ they continue their winning ways, after beating Empoli 2-0. Edin Dzeko has found his scoring ways after notching a hat trick during their Champions League match against Plezen, then notching a goal in their last match. Next up is a matchup with SPAL.

5. Lazio⬆️ after losing Derby Della Capitale Lazio bounced back with a good win against the youthful Fiorentina 1-0, a squad that was playing well. This squad has taken cared of business when they needed to. Up next a trip to Parma.

6. Parma⬆️ What can I say Parma have been consistent for the last month, with Gervinho playing at the highest level we’ve seen in a long time. They took care of business against Genoa winning 3-1, despite being dominated in the stat line. We’ll see if Parma can continue there form against a real test hosting Lazio.

7. Milan↔️ What a good 3-1 win by Milan, except for the fact it was against the worst team in the Campionato … It’s a win though that continues their confidence and they have been playing better in the last two matches. The real test will be in the Derby Milano as they face their arch Nemesis Inter Milan.

8. Fiorentina ⬇️ Probably the biggest drop in the rankings this week, as they dropped four spots after their 1-0 loss to Lazio. This team remains talented but is young, growing pains are expected but I see them bouncing back. They come back from the break with a match against Cagliari.

9. Sampdoria⬆️ They have found a way to stay in the top 10, thanks to the defensive unit and the scoring of Defrel and Quagliarella. Great result last week beating Atalanta 1-0, a team who can be tricky. Up next for this team is Sassuolo.

10. Sassuolo⬇️ after losing to Napoli 2-0, they dropped a couple spots. Napoli is a good team and I still believe in Sassuolo as they remain in the top 10. Next up is a good matchup against Sampdoria.

11. Torino↔️ Torino has found a way to stay in this spot for three weeks straight, the fact of the matter they just do enough to scrape by. Back to back matches beating the last two place teams, including 3-2 to Frosinone this past week. Tough test after the break as they travel to Bologna.

12. SPAL⬇️ It’s been a tough stretch for this squad, facing quality Serie A opponents the past couple weeks. This past week was a tough loss to Inter, they gave them a tough match but ended up losing in the end 2-1. Up next they must travel to Roma, for another tough match.

13.Genoa⬇️ This team has been carried by Krzysztof Piątek all season, although he scored a Goal This weekend it wasn’t enough to beat Parma, as they lost 3-1. Up next they get the daunting challenge of trying to slow down the mighty Juventus.

14. Udinese⬆️ Although they lost, it was against Juventus. We all know that it’s a difficult test for any team, so they get bumped up in the rankings for a quality loss (Welcome to Serie A) nothing gets easier as they host the second place, Napoli.

15. Cagliari⬆️ The Sicilian side had a good win this past week, as they beat Bologna 2-0 at home bumping them up in the rankings. The next match will not be easy, as they must travel to face a great young squad in Fiorentina.

16. Empoli⬆️ Another team who gets a bump up in the rankings because of a quality loss. Empoli ran into a good Roma squad losing 2-0, the good news is this is the highest they have been on my rankings. Up next should be a good match as they face Frosinone.

17. Bologna,⬇️ It seemed like Inzaghi had Bologna heading into the right direction.. until they lost to Cagliari 2-0. Bologna will host Torino after the break.

18. Atalanta⬇️ Things are getting worse for Atalanta, after coming in the season with high hopes, they are digging a deeper and deeper hole. Losing 1-0 to Sampdoria only adds to the frustration of this club. They must figure it out quick because relegation is starting to creep up on them. Up next is Cheivo.

19. Frosinone↔️ they remain in their usual spot after losing 3-2. Relegation seems more and more inevitable for this squad. This week might come with some better fortunes, as they face Empoli

20. Cheivo↔️ Oh Cheivo, last but not least. The only squad with negative points, last week was not any better, as they got to match up with Milan, Yikes. This week they get to match up with an Atalanta squad that is falling apart, maybe they can get out of the negatives this week.

Although international break cuts into out obsession for Calcio, it’s a good time for a break for both clubs and fans. I myself will be looking forward to watching my Colombia squad. Let’s hope for a good week of international matches, and that Serie A returns quickly!
Ciao Ragazzi!

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