STL Roundtable Mar. 3rd NFL Combine, New York Knicks NCAA Basketball and Dude? Wheres my Van, Lee, and Rado?

Things are heating up in the world of sports and on this weeks STL Roundtable we chatted about everything from the NFL draft class and combine, the New York Knicks, NCAA Basketball and lots of other sports. One of the great things about the Sports Talk Line Round Table is we all sit down with a couple topics but just end up talking sports.

We touched on some NHL old school pains, the Rangers winning in 1994 was brought up and I was able to mute my mic before I cried! Tom was happy about it though. Nate was his usual yelling self but I was able to figure out my volume better and lower it when he was talking. We talked about old school basketball and the Dream team vs the redeem team vs the 96 teams for the USA. We talked about Michael Jordan is still at the top of the NBA mountain. We touched on if switching era’s between the players change how people view their legacies?

STL RoundTable

Positionless basketball was brought up and how the post-game has been lost in the NBA. If they should move the 3 point line back to give players like Steph Curry and the 3 more Value. The old school game of basketball with respect to how physical it was and how the stars of the past played more stellar defense.

Despite phones going off we went over and talked about the NBA right now and who will come out of the East and West. If you don’t follow Matt Barnes podcast then you need to… that’s all I am saying. We talked I guess PG18 about it… Then Jason Kidd and his DUI oh what a STL Roundtable we had this evening.

STL Roundtable Mar. 3rd NFL Combine, New York Knicks NCAA Basketball and Dude? Wheres my Van, Lee, and Rado? 1

I let the guys know they were on recording and we ripped Van, Rado, and Lee for not being present. I mentioned how Bossman Steven VanOver needs to keep his references within the last 30 years. WE CANT FOLLOW IT IF WE WEREN’T BORN!!

We switched into NCAA until I got a phone call. My dad gets a shoutout for phoning me during the podcast and I can tell you he is super excited about that! He doesn’t know what a podcast is but he is telling all his senior citizen friends! Back to the NCAA and players leaving different schools and using the new rules for transfer waiver rules.

STL Roundtable Mar. 3rd NFL Combine, New York Knicks NCAA Basketball and Dude? Wheres my Van, Lee, and Rado? 2
100% Not My Dad!! Just A Random Happy Old Dude

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