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STL Roundtable Ep 02 – STL RoundTable – Witten, Big Trades, and Big Contracts

SportsTalkLine Roundtable – Veterans Brian, Tom, and Van share the table with newcomers Broe and Spinksy in a rousing episode where the crew takes a hard look at NFL contract economics, how good the Jets look, what challenges the Patriots face this season and how Witten fits into the Cowboys in the twilight of his career.

Steven Van Over, Brian Cole, Tom McAlister, Spinksy and Broe Reeve break down the nuances of what makes the NFL tick.

Robust, straight to the point and with no holds barred host Steven Van Over puts forth the hard questions and gets straight answers from guests who are thoughtful and not afraid to share the wealth. Check back for more conversations from the network.

STL Roundtable

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Witten, Big Trades, and Big Contracts

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