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Interview with Charlotte OG Nate Davis

Charlotte OG Nate Davis took time out of his preparation for the 2019 NFL Draft to talk with Connor Livesay.

Nate Davis’s official PFTL NFL Draft Profile opens like this:

“Moves well for a big man, excellent power off the snap with great foot speed. Can dominate the attack …” – Spinksy

Sounds like excellent traits for an offensive lineman that is trying to get his foot in the NFL door. Nate is on a solid path having been invited to the NFL Combine and is in full-time training for that event as he prepares for and navigates the biggest job interview of his life.

“That was an awesome experience to say the least.” – OG Nate Davis on being able to compete against the best at the Senior Bowl week

Connor and Nate have a nice conversation that is easy to follow as they walk through the big guy’s history and track how he got to the place he is now, getting ready to springboard into the NFL.

Mr. Davis seems thoughtful and introspective. Hey, he’s an offensive lineman, he probably is a Go champion.

“… a guy who is going to come to work every day. A great teammate. …. to be in the league, it’s a blessing. I will never forget that.” – Nate Davis on what an NFL team will be getting.

After the interview, catch up on his official NFL Draft player profile.

Livesay keeps it real, puts things in perspective and gives you an “up close” picture of a “top NFL Draft Prospect” for 2019.

STL NFL Draft Talk with OG Nate Davis

SportsTalkLine Podcast Connor Livesay

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