Interview with Miami S Sheldrick Redwine

Miami Safety Sheldrick Redwine took time out of his preparation for the 2019 NFL Draft to talk with Connor Livesay.

Sheldrick Redwine’s official PFTL NFL Draft Profile opens like this:

“Consistently reads the quarterback/receivers keys in order to break on the football and break up passes. Consistently baits quarterbacks into throwing his way, and normally finishes the play when the ball does come his way.” – Connor Livesay

Yep. It’s pretty easy to see why every NFL team would most likely be pretty happy to land him. A guy who can cover and make plays in the NFL is gold. Throw in his approach to playing D and special teams and it’s a pot of gold.

“I make sure I am the fastest moving person on the field at all times … always running you know.” – S Sheldrick Redwine

This guy loves the game, has his head squarely on his shoulders and oozes leadership. He may as well focus on his physical game, he has the interview stuff down cold.

“I can make an immediate Special Teams impact and a great leader. Good on and off the field. – Sheldrick Redwine on what an NFL team will be getting.

After the interview, catch up on his official NFL Draft player profile.

Livesay keeps it real, puts things in perspective and gives you an “up close” picture of a “top NFL Draft Prospect” for 2019.

STL NFL Draft Talk with S Sheldrick Redwine

SportsTalkLine Podcast Connor Livesay

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