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Chelsea FC: Implications of Chelsea Transfer Ban

News broke earlier today on SportsTalkLine and SoccerTalkLine from Harsh, that FIFA had implemented a 2 transfer window ban on Chelsea after they were found guilty of breaching rules in relation to the signings of youth players.

The ban, until the end of January 2020, does not prevent the release of players and will not apply to their women’s and futsal teams.

The Premier League club has said they will appeal against the decision.

Chelsea has also been fined £460,000, while the Football Association (FA) has been fined £390,000.

It comes following a Fifa investigation into Chelsea’s signing of foreign under-18 players, including former striker Bertrand Traore.

This has been coming for some time now, and this hasn’t surprised too many Chelsea fans, as we have been expecting this to happen. However, it came as a shock to many non-Chelsea fans when they heard this news this morning!

I am writing this article to inform people about the implications of this ban and the implications of Chelsea appealing to FIFA. I am also here to tell you why this transfer ban isn’t all doom and gloom for Chelsea, even though that’s the view of rival fans.

Implications of transfer ban and Chelsea appealing;

  1. The transfer ban means that Chelsea will miss a whole season in the transfer market- A summer transfer window and a January transfer window, but this could all change depending on how successful Chelsea’s appeal is to FIFA.
  2. Chelsea appealing means that the imposing of the ban will be delayed- Chelsea came out earlier today in their club statement admitting that they were disappointed with FIFA’s decision to give them a two transfer window ban, and they immediately admitted that they would appeal the decision. This appeal from the Blues means that they will be able to sign players in the summer transfer window whilst FIFA appeal the ban. So the club will have at least one more transfer window to buy players, and at this moment make a huge overhaul to this current squad.
  3. Chelsea will still be able to be active in the transfer window- Chelsea could still agree deals in the next few transfer windows, but won’t be able to register any players until the ban has been served. In terms of selling, the club is still allowed to sell players. However it doesn’t look like the club will be selling many players now, considering that they have been imposed with this transfer ban. So the likes of Hudson-Odoi who was linked to Bayern Munich in January, and Hazard who has been constantly linked with a move to Real Madrid may not be leaving the club now! Who knows…
  4. Chelsea could end up with a shorter ban/longer ban/or no ban at all- The appeal to FIFA means that they will have to review the case again, and therefore there are still many possibilities for what could happen to Chelsea and this transfer ban which they have been handed today by FIFA. Chelsea Correspondent for Nizaar Kinsella breaks this down well on Twitter;

Pros and Cons of this transfer Ban


+The main positive that comes out of this transfer ban is the fact that Chelsea will have to start using their youth more often. which could benefit the club in the long term, as they could start producing some amazing players for the first team from their academy. Chelsea has one of the best academies in the world, so it has been confusing many people to as why not many of them get a chance to break into the first team. However, this transfer ban will now mean that Chelsea will have to start putting more trust in the youth, which will delight many Chelsea fans as they have wanted this to happen for a while. Here’s is a reminder of all the Chelsea players who are out on loan.

A few names that I think will definitely now have futures at Chelsea due to this transfer ban are; Tammy Abraham, Reece James, and Mason Mount.

+This transfer ban may lead to change within the club- Obviously the most likely to change to happen soon is Maurizio Sarri being sacked as Chelsea. And I think this will now be necessary for the future as we need a manager who will use youth. Sarri doesn’t champion youth like shown with his treatment of Hudson-Odoi, and that’s why Steve Holland has most recently been linked to the job. This could only mean good news for Chelsea as Steve Holland knows the club inside out and will give youth a good chance. Other changes that are likely to happen will come at the board level. Marina Granovskaia has been coming under a lot of criticism recently, as she was the one who advocated Sarri’s hiring in the absence of Abramovich. Her job seems to be under pressure, and as a result, Chelsea will consider appointing a technical director (football director) to replace Marina in that job. That may not mean that Marina leaves the club completely as Abramovich could move his right-hand women to the business side of things at Chelsea. And this transfer ban could signal the end for Roman Abramovich at the club. He’s had issues getting into this country, and now add this on top, and you would have to ask the question- how much love has he got left for Chelsea?


  • Chelsea will fall further behind their title rivals- If Chelsea are banned for two transfer windows, and all teams around them in the top 6 strengthen whilst Chelsea are banned, then you could only see Chelsea slipping further and further away from the top 4 especially in forthcoming seasons. This is probably one of the main worries for the Blues.
  • The ban impacts on the clubs structure- The hierarchy at the Blues would not like the thought of this transfer ban, as they have always championed spending a lot of money in transfer windows, rather than championing the development of youth. So this transfer ban will force the Blues to change- probably to the board’s annoyance as they want to buy the best players to help the club compete for trophies, as the board is driven by short term success. So this transfer ban may cause some instability amongst the board at Chelsea.
  • This transfer ban impacts on the quality of managers who would want to come into the club- Maurizio Sarri’s position as manager at the club has been cast into a lot of doubt recently with Chelsea being linked to the likes of Zidane, and Laurent Blanc being mentioned as being the most likely managers to be the next manager. However after this ban was given to the Blues on the 22nd February, the question will be asked- will the fact that Chelsea will be banned for two transfer windows put any of the managers linked to Chelsea off being the next manager of the West-London side?
  • Adds to the supposed ‘crisis’ that the club is suffering this season.
  • The transfer ban may push some of Chelsea’s key stars closer to the exit- And if some of them leave, then will the Blues have enough time to replace them before the ban starts?

My Opinion

My initial reaction was that I was disappointed with the fact that this ban was imposed, however having more time to think about it- I now think that this ban may act as a blessing in a disguise. This is due to the fact that youth will start to get a better chance at the club. Also, this ban may lead to necessary change within the club which has needed to happen for a while now!

Remember to check out my recent article on Maurizio Sarri’s future at Chelsea FC, which was published very recently on SportsTalkline and SoccerTalkLine

By Danyal Khan

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