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Chelsea FC: Should Sarri be Sacked Now?

As the pressure intensifies on Maurizio Sarri after his sides dismal display in their 2-0 loss in the FA Cup to Manchester United, I will be looking at the pros and cons of sacking Sarri now.

This has been rumored around the English media recently, with the media linking the likes of  Zinedine Zidane, and Laurent Blanc to the Chelsea job. Surprisingly, even Zola is being considered by the Chelsea board to a temporary option to replace Sarri until the end of the season.

The media have also stated that if Sarri loses the Cup final on Sunday, then he will be sacked!

I am going to look at the pros and cons of sacking Sarri now

Pros of sacking Sarri now

  1. Lets change happen with the system which may benefit the players- Sacking Maurizio Sarri now, will mean that the 4-3-3 system will most likely be abandoned by the next manager who comes in. This will give the players a little bit of a lift, since they have been struggling for a while to play ‘Sarriball’ in his rigid 4-3-3 system.
  2. Youth may actually get a chance- Maurizio Sarri hasn’t used the youth enough at Chelsea according to most Chelsea fans. His treatment of Hudson-Odoi and Ampadu has been appalling, considering the fact that alot of the first team has been poor for a while. So if a manager like Laurent Blanc comes in, he may use youth more, as he is a manager who champions youth more than Maurizio Sarri does.
  3. Sacking Sarri may give the team impetus and new life- Chelsea have been flat for a while now, with many senior players playing very poorly for a while now. So if Sarri is sacked soon, the players may respond and start picking up results again.
  4. Underperforming players will be dropped by a less stubborn manager- Players like Marcos Alonso, Jorginho and Pedro would instantly be axed to the bench by the new manager if he’s less stubborn than Sarri. These players have been awful for a while, but Sarri continues to pick them somehow. So the hope would be if Sarri is sacked, then the new manager who comes in will drop players who are just not good enough anymore.

            Cons of sacking Sarri now

  1. This season would have been wasted- Sarri was appointed by Marina Granovskaia due to the fact that she wanted him to bring a new philosophy to the club (an attacking style of football). Sarri warned at the start of the season that it may take a while for his system and style to be implemented, so these bad results could be seen as the fact that Chelsea are in transition- so this is expected. If Sarri was sacked now, then it would be back to square 1 for Chelsea with their hiring and sacking managers policy. So the question is, do Chelsea ride this out until the summer, and back him with transfers, or do they sack him now and get a new manager in?
  2. Player power would have won again at Chelsea- These set of players have already got Mourinho and Conte the sack already for downing tools, and they look like nearly achieving their next goal of getting another manager sacked. Chelsea players have already been criticised by their own fans for their player power roles that they have in getting managers sacked. If Sarri does end up getting sacked, then player power will get worse at Chelsea.
  3. Are the touted Sarri replacements good enough and gettable?- Chelsea have been linked to Zidane, but would he want to come into the club and risk ruining his reputation at a club that has very little stability and the moment? Zidane to Chelsea isn’t realistic at all. The only two realistic appointments that I could see happening are Laurent Blanc as he’s eager to get back into management, and Zola to take temporary charge, but are either of them good enough? There are bigger questions over Zola as he has failed already managing- most famously at Birmingham City.

          My View

I think Sarri needs to go now, as he is showing that he’s not willing to change his ways when we are failing to play well. He’s also using the youth at Chelsea so incorrectly, that I believe another manager would drop alot of the deadwood players in the first team, for hungrier youth players who will give their all.

Comment down below- If you are a Chelsea fan; Do you think Sarri need sacking now?

By Danyal Khan

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