Fantasy Football Projections Week 1 NFL: QBs

Fantasy Football Projections – QBs Week 1

Looking for Fantasy Football Projections for the QBs in Week 1 of the 2022 NFL Season? Not much chaff here, just the stats. Time to snap the ball.

QB Kyler Murray AZ Cardinals

Kyler Murray has to put the 3rd-grade antics of his offseason behind him. The best way to do that is to put up good stats. Our fantasy algorithm has him passing for 266.5 yards, 1.7 TDs, and 0.8 picks vs the Chiefs. He also has a good chance of running for a score. If you drafted him, ride him.


QB Dak Prescott DAL Cowboys

The Cowboys may talk Ezekiel Elliott but it is Dak Prescott that will carry the ‘Boys to victory or defeat. This week against the Buccaneers look for 271.2 yards through the air, 1.9 TDs, and an 0.7 shot at throwing a pick. Also, look for Prescott to get back to running the ball.

QB Kirk Cousins MIN Vikings

Kirk Cousins is in a sweet spot in Minnesota. He is going to have a solid season. This week vs the Packers look for 272.7 yards and 1.9 TDs and an 0.7 chance at throwing a pick.

QB Josh Allen BUF Bills

You will (of course) start this guy every week. Against the Rams D in a Super Bowl rematch, we have him putting up 276 yards, a couple of TDs, and 0.9 picks in week 1. He will also put up 37 yards on the ground.

QB Joe Burrow CIN Bengals

Against an always tough Steelers D, we have Burrows also throwing for 276 yards, and two touchdowns, but only 0.7 picks. We also have the Bengals getting the W.

QB Derek Carr LV Raiders

Carr is facing the Chargers in a matchup that could say a lot early. 279.9 yards passing, 1.9 TDs and 0.8 picks for the new QB/Coach combo in LA.

QB Matthew Stafford LA Rams

The Super Bowl-winning QB will deliver 285.1 yards, 2 TDs, and 0.9 picks in what could be the Super Bowl preview for 2022.

Justin Herbert – LA Chargers

The Chargers find out early about their team vs the new-look Raiders. Herbert will deliver 293.5 yards, 2.2 scores, and a 0.9 picks. Yep, he is going to have a very good season.

QB Tom Brady TB Buccaneers

The 1,000-year-old Brady will put up 294.3 yards, 2.2 scores, and 0.7 picks in a TIGHT repeat of last year’s opening vs the Cowboys.

QB Patrick Mahomes KC Chiefs

No Tyreek Hill? No problem. 296.5 yards, 2.3 TDs, 0.6 pick … he is Mahomes and disappointed in his play from last season. Get out of the way.

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