Fantasy Start or Sit NFL Week 1: QBs

Fantasy Start or Sit NFL Week 1: QBs

The NFL season has finally arrived, here’s the Sports Talk Line Fantasy Start or Sit for QBs in Week 1! We take a look at the data behind each matchup as well as injuries, new signings, and our staff’s gut feelings. Please enjoy and remember to visit the Sports Talk Line Fantasy rankings tools each week to give your team the winning edge in your fantasy league!


Russell Wilson – Broncos

Wilson is going to be fired up against Seattle, who’s passing defense was absolutely awful last season. He knows that secondary inside and out, and the Seahawks are in full-on rebuild mode this season. Our fantasy algorithm has him passing for 263 yards with 1.9 TDs, but look for him to hit the 300 mark and prove to Denver that he’s serious about getting another ring.

Russell Wilson Denver Broncos

Aaron Rodgers – Packers

Rodgers may have lost Davante Adams, but he is historically good against the Vikings. He knows how to shred this defense and loves to dominate his Great Lakes rivals. In the past 2 years his stat line reads: 364 YDS 4 TDS, 291 YDS 3 TDS, 385 YDS 4 TDS, 288 YDS 2 TDS, and…you guessed it…0 interceptions. There’s a reason he’s the only QB to have a better INT ratio than Tom Brady.

Lamar Jackson – Ravens

Jackson consistently overperforms over the years and loves to prove his critics wrong. He’s constantly re-inventing his game and is one of the hungriest QBs in the league. He feeds off failure and will be looking to stamp his authority on this opening game versus the Jets. The Jets and the Ravens had two of the worst pass defenses in the league last year, so this game looks set to be a shoot-out. Jackson is a fantasy machine and will be able to get points through the air or on the ground, and should have a field day against the Jets defense, who are looking better but still building under Robert Saleh.

Zach Wilson – Jets

If you ended up with Wilson one of your QBs this season, first off, my condolences. However, if you’re going to start him, this is the week to do it. The Ravens had the worst pass defense in the entire league last season, letting over 4000 pass yards fly over their heads and hoping Lamar would do it all. The Jets had a historically good draft and seem amped up and ready to play. Wilson will occasionally pop off for over 300 yards, so if you’re stuck with him, use him this week…before he gets sacked 20 times in a game and his confidence plummets or injuries set in.


Matthew Stafford – Rams

Stafford is no doubt one of the best gunslingers in the NFL, but he’s going up against a historically good pass defense in the Buffalo Bills. They were the best in the NFL last season by far, allowing 300 fewer yards then the Patriots even though they were often defending leads late into games. Expect to see the Rams play it safe and preserve Stafford’s aging arm and ailing shoulder until late in the season when the big games come knocking.

Matthew Stafford Rams Running

Tua Tagovailoa- Dolphins

Tua looks set to come alive on a new-look high-powered Miami offense with Tyreek Hill and a slew of speedy receivers. However he’s opening his 2022 NFL season against the Patriots and one of the most brilliant coaching minds in the history of the game. Belichick knows how to get in the heads of young QBs and is notoriously deceptive, something that speed can’t beat. He will be able to nullify Miami’s athletic advantage and frustrate Tua.

Dak Prescott – Cowboys

Dallas got hit with a back-breaking injury early in the season, as their premier left tackle Tyron Smith’s hamstring literally tore off his bone. He will need surgery to repair a fracture in his knee, which is not good news for the aging 300 pounder. The Veteran Jason Peters was signed to the practice squad, but he will take time to get into football shape, and the rookie Tyler Smith has been taking all his snaps at guard. The ‘Boys may be able to fix this with time, but sitting Dak in week 1 is the smart move.

Baker Mayfield – Panthers

Its tempting to play Mayfield in this hype revenge game versus his former team, who themselves are going through offensive turmoil and are forced to play their backup QB. However the Browns are one of the best teams in the league at limiting opposing QB’s fantasy points and future HOFer Myles Garrett will know Mayfield’s tendencies inside and out. Mayfield may come on eventually but this game will see Christian McCaffery get most of the action.

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