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Joni Jurmo Excited For The Canucks Development Camp

The Vancouver Canucks will have their development camp from July 11th – 15th at the UBC Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Center. Lots of prospects and players will be attending the camp but Canucks fans will get their first close-hand look at 2020 3rd round pick Joni Jurmo.

The Finnish prospect will be making his first trip over to North America after a season with Jukurit that saw him get 2 goals and 8 assists in 50 games during the regular season. He also contributed 1 goal and 1 assist in 3 games for the Finland U20 side in the four nations tournament in the Czech Republic.

Joni Jurmo | Sports Talk Line
Jurmo Will Head To Canucks Development Camp

“I wouldn’t say I’m nervous more like excited to get to show my strengths,” Joni Jurmo told me Friday afternoon about coming to Vancouver for the development camp.

I also had to ask him about his flow as the last time we chatted he had some hair going, “Yeah I got a little flow going on but I’m not too sure about it being the best there might be a couple of swedes that got something to say to that but we will see” We would later joke we might both need haircuts in the next couple days so I might have to find him a good hairdresser in Vancouver.

Coming To Vancouver And What Joni Is Looking Forward Too

I asked Joni what he is excited about coming to Vancouver for the first time besides playing hockey, is there anything else you are looking forward to during your trip to Vancouver? “Getting new buddies from around the world and getting to see a beautiful city and arena.”

“I’m mostly looking forward to seeing all the people I’ve been talking to on the phone and getting to work with them on the ice and of course the city.” In past conversations I have had with Joni I know Chris Higgins was someone who has always been very involved in his development overseas.

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There Is Excitement About Coming To Vancouver

Traveling halfway across the country can’t be easy but Joni mentioned how helpful the organization has been. “[The] trip has been nice the organization has made it really easy for me to travel.” He mentioned that the biggest adjustment has been the timezone change. That would make sense considering at 4:00 pm PST it would be tomorrow at 2:00 am in Espoo Finland.

It appears he is a fan of the city already as I got a message Saturday night saying how beautiful the city is. I imagine this will be a very memorable trip for the 20-year-old Fin on his first trip to Vancouver. Let’s hope his showing at the development camp is as memorable as his trip.

Sports Talk Line And The Vancouver Canucks

Here is a full list of the Vancouver Canucks prospects that will be attending the development camp.

 | Sports Talk Line
The Vancouver Canucks Full Development Camp Roster

The Canucks got through the draft and are now on to the real offseason. It will be exciting to see what they do at the development camp and in Whistler in August before the start of preseason. The Vancouver Canucks released their full 2022-2023 season schedule so it won’t be long before we have NHL action once again in October.

Make sure to follow me on Twitter @JoshuaGriffith0 for the latest news and updates about your Vancouver Canucks during the offseason. The development camp starts at UBC on July 11th and runs until the 15th and will feature some of Vancouver’s best and brightest prospects. So be sure to check out the Sports Talk Line Network for all your sports needs.

After that, it won’t be long until the Canucks drop the puck on their training camp in Whistler before preseason. Don’t worry hockey fans, September 25th, the first preseason game, will come quickly!

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