Vancouver Whitecaps vs New England Revolution

Vancouver Whitecaps vs New England Revolution Play To “Donuts” Sunday Night

The Vancouver Whitecaps vs New England Revolution played to a scoreless draw Sunday evening from BC Place. Both teams were coming into the match in good form, The Caps have been 4-1-0 in their last 5 games in all competitions while the Revs are undefeated in their last 8.

Despite no goals on Sunday night, it was an exciting match as both teams had chances and both Keepers had to make saves. Let’s see how the teams lined up against each other.

Lineups, News, and Notes For Vancouver Whitecaps vs New England Revolution

Vanni Sartini would make 6 changes to the side that defeated York United 2-1 midweek. back to a 3-4-2-1 formation with Cody “The Stopper” Cropper starting in the net. Tristan Blackmon, Ranko Veselinovic, and Javain Brown would start at the back from left to right with both Erik Godoy (Calf) and Jake Nerwinski (Eye) out with injuries.

The Vancouver Whitecaps Starting Lineup

Ryan Raposo, Leonard Owusu, Andres Cubas, and Marcus Godhino would start in the midfield. Ryan Raposo and Deiber Caicedo would start as two number 10s with Lucas Cavallini up at the top as the lone striker.

The New England Revolution and head coach Bruce Arena would make just one change to his 4-2-3-1 formation. Djordje Petrovic would start in the net with Dejuan Jones, Jonathan Bell, Andrew Farrell, and A.J. DeLaGarza at the back from left to right.

The Starting Lineup For The Revolution

Thomas McNamara and Wilfrid Kaptoum would start in a holding role in the midfield. While Dylan Borrero, Carles Gil, and Arnor Traustason would play from left to right with Gustavo Bou replacing Jozy Altidore as the lone striker.

The Caps Lose Caicedo In A Scoreless 1st Half

The Whitecaps would kick things off in the 1st half and attack towards the Southsiders who were very vocal to start the match. Vancouver would win an early throw down the right side but New England was able to clear. Vancouver would keep pressing as the match moved into the 4th minute. Cavallini would try and find Dajome and his cross was deflected out for an early corner kick. Ryan Gauld would deliver it short but it was wasted and cleared out of touch by the Revolution.

New England would get a corner in the 6th minute after a mistake from Tristan Blackmon. He seemed to lose the ball in the light and it ran out of touch. Cody Cropper was able to come off his line and snatch up the corner kick before the Revolution could make anything of it. The visiting side would try and get on the attack but Andres Cubas was there to step in and break up the play. He would switch things for Godinho but his cross was blocked before being cleared.

Whitecaps vs LAFC | Sports Talk Line
Javain Brown Had A Strong Match For The Vancouver Whitecaps vs New England Revolution

The sides would trade possession with the ball running out of play more than staying on the pitch. Cavallini and Ryan Gauld would do some nice work to move the ball down the left side and win a corner kick. The play would be halted as Deiber Caicedo would go down to the ground with what looked like a knee injury. Vancouver would swing the ball in but it was cleared from danger and the Caps would carry on with 10 men.

The revolution would press ahead and cross it into the box but Cody Cropper was able to come off his line and fall on the ball. Vancouver would make an early substitution bringing on Cristian Dajome to replace the injured Caicedo. Dajome would be shown a yellow card in the 25th minute after a questionable foul on Kaptoum. Gil would take it quickly and try and beat Cropper but the ball was wide of the target and out for a goal kick.

The physicality would intensify as Cavallini was called for a questionable foul on Bell. The fans at BC Place would let referee Filip Dujic how they felt about the call before the play resumed in the 27th minute. New England would control things and try and work it along the back before turning the ball over. Both sides were having a hard time stringing together progressive passes and a cross by the Revs was too close to Cropper and Vancouver would press back the other way. A long ball over the top looking for Cavallini was too far and the squads were just kicking it back and forth.

The best chance of the 1st half would go to the Revolution after the ball was crossed in from the left side by Borrero. It was headed back into the box and it would eventually fall to Carles Gil. He fired a shot right into the side of Godinho who made a great play coming back and the ball deflected to the Cap’s defense in the 33rd minute. The home side would win a foul the other way after Owusu was barged over by Traustason. Vancouver would switch it over to Dajome who would walk in and test Petrovic with a low shot from the top of the box.

Petrovic Makes The Save On Dajome In The 1st Half

Bruce Arena’s side would begin to push back the Whitecaps backline but wasn’t able to find that final ball into the box or it was just a tad too heavy. It also gave room for Vancouver to counter as Cubas would win the ball back and quickly find Dajome. He was able to send Cavallini down the left wing but the cross back into the box looking for Cristian was played nicely by the New England defender, McNamara, running back to get into the play.

Marcus Godinho would win a free-kick in the 38th minute and both teams were able to catch their breath for the final minutes of the half. Vancouver didn’t give themselves a chance as they would turn it over immediately and Gustavo Bou would run down the right side. He crossed the ball in looking for Borrero but Cropper was smart to come off his line and smother the ball in the 39th minute. The Whitecaps were almost able to string together some nice passes down the right side but Dajomes touch was just long for Godinho and out for a goal kick.

Vancouver would shut down the box once again and Dajome would win a free-kick in the 41st minute after being pushed in the back by Wilfrid Kaptoum. Cavallini would make a nice turn and spray the ball out to Raposo out wide. He decided to attempt a shot from distance but it was wide of the net and didn’t test Petrovic in the 43rd minute. The Revolution would work it around as the half winded down. Vancouver was sure to keep great form at the back and not leave any room for the away side to counter.

Dylan Borerro would draw a foul on Andres Cubas but the Revs would waste the free-kick and the ball would run out of touch for a goal kick. The 4th official would signal an additional 2 minutes of stoppage time after the Caicedo injury. Both teams would get chances as Godinho would have his shot blocked on one end. New England would get one late chance but the header by Arnór Traustason was off target and the 1st half whistle would blow with both teams scoreless.

Both Squads Pushed For The 2nd Half Goal

No changes for either side to start the 2nd half as New England would kick things off going from left to right. They would work it slowly around the back before a long attempt to find Dylan Borrero was offside. The Caps would try and work it down the right side but Dajome was called for a foul on McNamara after his cross was blocked initially. The first 5 minutes started slow for both sides with lots of turnovers and neither team being able to string together a lot of possession.

Borrero would try to attack down the left side after a nice pass from Gil but Brown was strong on the ball and win Vancouver a goal kick. The Caps would come right back and get the first chance of the 2nd half. The ball would come back to Owusu after a New England turnover and he fired a shot for the top corner. Petrovic had to make a great leaping save to keep the match scoreless in the 52nd minute.

Petrovic Makes The 2nd Half Save On Owusu

Things would really pick up after the save as New England came up the pitch quickly. The ball would come out to Borrero and he would beat Cody Cropper but not the crossbar as the ball tipped off and out. They would continue on the attack and a quick series of passes and Gustavo Bou was able to find a streaking Borrero down the left side. He was able to fire a shot off and Cropper had to be big to keep the match 0-0.

Dylan Borrero Fires The Shot Off The Crossbar

New England would take the ensuing corner kick and Bou would swing the ball into the box. Andrew Farrell was able to get a good header on it but flicked it wide of the net as the match moved past the 54th minute. The revolution would continue to control play thanks in part to mistakes and bad passing from the Whitecaps. They would continue to work it around the back and wait for space to pounce on the home side. DeLaGarza would try and cross it into the box but Godinho was solid defensively to flick the ball away before clearing it out of touch.

Vancouver would get some brief time on the ball in the 58th minute but it was very short-lived. Borrero was sent out wide again and cut it back into the box but the back heel flick from Gustavo Bou bounced up and wide and Cody Cropper was able to pounce on it. The action started going back and forth once again as this time it was the home side on the attack.

Cavallini did some nice work down the right touchline to hold off two defenders before finding Cubas in the midfield. He was able to spring Dajome with a nice ball but the Columbian winger was outmatched by the Serbian Keeper as Petrovic was able to make a big save that went out for a Vancouver corner in the 59th minute. It was swung in by Ryan Gauld but Petrovic was quick off his line to stop the danger. Petrovic was called on right away as his distribution was read well by Godinho. He walked into the middle and tested the Revs keeper who made the save before beating Raposo to the rebound.

Vancouver would steal it back once more and Dajome would try another sharp-angle shot. Petrovic was able to dive to the ground and stop it before getting the play going quickly. Gil tried to find Bou over the top but he was offside and we would see the first substitution of the match for the Revs as Jozy Altidore would come on to replace Kaptoum in the 62nd minute. It was New England that was now making the mistakes in the 2nd half.

Cristian Dajome would steal back the ball and find Cavallini who would fire a shot from a decent spot. It was high of the target and didn’t test Petrovic but the home side was definitely buzzing. Raposo would get another chance in the 64th minute to cut the ball back into Ryan Gauld but it was cleared to the corner before Raposo would win a free-kick after being pushed in the back by Farrell. Raposo would drive the ball in and it was cleared before the second phase was sent in from Gauld but cleared once again by the Revs.

Double substitutions would come from both sides in the 66th minute as Vanni Sartini would bring on Brite White to replace Ryan Raposo and Russell Teibert to replace Owusu. Bruce Arena would bring on Ryan Spaulding for DeLaGarza and Emmanuel Boateng for Traustason. The play would resume with a Vancouver throw and Cavallini, Gauld and Dajome would move back in. Dajome had his shot blocked and the deflection came to Teibert but his header landed on top of the net.

Vancouver would continue to press the issue looking for the opening goal in the 68th minute but a ball for Dajome was a bit too long from Cavallini and out for a goal kick. Brian White would make an impact on the pitch right away as he would win a foul against McNamara who was shown a yellow card for foul accumulation in the 69th minute, nice! Or not nice if you are McNamara. Gauld would see a chance to rush in on the net but his touch eluded him and he wasted a nice passing sequence with White and Dajome. | Sports Talk Line
Brian White Would Try To Make His Impact In The Second Half

New England would get some possession with just under 20 minutes left in the match. Fresh substitution Spaulding made his mark down the left side to with the Revs a corner. Carles Gil would deliver the ball into the Gil at the top of the box but his strike would hit his own player before the Caps were able to clear to midfield. After a couple of turnovers from both sides, the Revs would take back over. They would once again try Spaulding down the right side but his cutback was cleared by Veselinovic.

With the Revs pressing Vancouver was able to counter quickly and Petrovic was forced to make another save, this time on the cross from Dajome. The pace would pick up and Dajome would once again race through the top of the box. This time he was brought down by DeJuan Jones just outside of the area. It was a little too close to try and get it over the wall and on the target for Ryan Gauld but this match looked to have a goal in it still.

The visiting side was back with the next chance in what had turned into a very wide-open 2nd half. Referee Dujic would play the advantage and after some nice passing from Boateng and Gil they would find Bou in a good shooting spot but it was over the net. Vancouver would make their final swap of the match in the 78th minute as Luis Martins would come on to replace Marcus Godinho who had a great match.

Bruce Arena was clearly trying to exploit the left side as Spaulding would once again get a chance to cut a ball back into the box. Cody Cropper was able to come off his line and grab it before it came to a blue jersey. Vancouver would get a glorious chance in the 80th minute after a ball over the top to Brian White. He played an early pass for Cavallini but he wasn’t able to get it out of his feet. By the time he did Petrovic was out on him and his only option was Teibert who saw his shot attempt blocked.

Cavallini would get another attempt on the net but it was well wide of the target. After a collision between Brown and Altidore, Bruce Arena would make his final change of the match in the 82nd minute bringing on Damian Rivera for Borrero who seemed to be all over the pitch tonight. After the play resumed Vancouver would control possession and look for their space. The Revs looked to be sitting on the back foot looking for the single road point and it almost cost them. Gauld was able to make a nice run and then find White whose shot was just palmed out by Petrovic.

Brian White With A Late Chance For The VWFC

The corner from Gauld was cleared initially but Vancouver was all over the second phase. Cubas would find Gauld out wide once again and the ball would fall right to Cavallini at the side of the net. He choose to try and shoot instead of threading a pass-through to White and it was stopped by Petrovic and the match remained scoreless with 5 minutes plus stoppage time to go.

Djordje Petrovic Comes Up Huge For The Revolution In The 85th Minute

New England looked to be sparked by their keeper and came back on the attack. They would have two shots blocked, one by Brown and one from Veselinovic before Carles Gil would curl one just wide of the post in the 87th minute. It was a frantic couple of final minutes as Cubas had a shot from distance blocked before New England came right back in. Gustavo Bou would see his shot from the top of the box also go high over the net and Cody Cropper moved his team up and slowed things down.

It was turned over and New England was able to move back in and win a late corner kick after a cross from Jones would go off Martins. Gil would stand over the corner as the 4th official would signal an added 2 minutes of stoppage time. It was driven into the box and Brown was able to clear only as far as Bou. His shot from just outside the box was straight into the chest of Cropper and it stayed 0-0.

After 130 seconds of uneventful stoppage time, referee Filip Dujic would blow the whistle on a match that should have given fans more than a 0-0 scoreline. Both keepers were very good and Cody Cropper get’s his 4th clean sheet with Vancouver.

Post Match Thoughts and Media

Head Coach Vanni Sartini was pleased with his team’s performance but felt they deserved the full 3 points. He spoke about the 0-0 draw after the match.

“I think we played very well. I think we were the best team on the field. We created all the chances, we were in control. I think the only moment that we weren’t in control was the first 15 minutes of the second half. They played a little bit more than us. We did what we were supposed to do, the only two big big chances that they had was this shot from distance. It’s impossible to keep everyone at zero shots. Our chances have been in the box, two versus one against the goalkeeper, two plays on the line.”

“Unfortunately we didn’t score and if you don’t score, you don’t win. I think it’s a game we can be a little bit frustrated. At the same time, we have to be also honest by the fact that maybe in the past those goals at the last minute of the game was maybe more of a tie than a win for us. Maybe it’s more of a win than a tie. I’m very proud and happy of how the team performed because again like this one, if you don’t score it’s easy to lose.”

Vanni Sartini Meets With The Media

Javain Brown spoke about what he can learn about himself after a match like this, “I’m still learning each and every day from my fellow teammates, from the coaches. I’m just trying to take each and every instruction and really try to do what they ask me to do to better my game. Because they have been there before me, they know what it takes to build a player. As I said before, I’m just taking whatever they say to me correctly and focus on getting ready each and every time.”

The Whitecaps Keeper posted another clean sheet and spoke about the keys to his good form of late since coming in for an injured Thomas Hasal.

“Controlling what I can control. Mentally, physically, emotionally, I can only do what I can do.  I don’t try to be anything that I’m not. I try to help the players be who they are and be the best versions of themselves that they can be. I think collectively right now we’re all on the same page, as a defensive unit, as a team, as an 11 or 16 on game days, as a 20 in the locker room.”

He would continue, “We’re very connected right now and I think at the end of the day, we are executing on all fronts. We’re managing our training loads, we’re working together on the field, we’re spending time together off the field. For me, it’s controlling what I can control and being the best version of myself each and every day.”

The Unnamed Moments Of The Match

No goals for either side but we did get some great soundbites from Cody Cropper and the Caps came out in beautiful training kits. Here are The Unnamed Moments Of The Match:

The Unnamed Kits Of The Match

The Vancouver Whitecaps wore their unity Kits on Sunday night and they looked absolutely amazing! Make sure to check out the auction for a great charity at the Vancouver Whitecaps website!

The Whitecaps Unity Kits

The Unnamed Media Moment Of The Match

It might have only been a draw but when you are a keeper sometimes all you are thinking about are Donuts! Both the scoreline ones and the real ones as we found out thanks to the questions from Har Journalist. It turns out there is a ritual he had become a part of and will be providing donuts on Tuesday at training.

I do love me some Voodo Donuts but that is a Cascadia Rival donut shop! We need to find him a local Vancouver place in the future, and not Tim Hortons…

Cody “The Donut Man” Cropper?

Sports Talk Line And The Vancouver Whitecaps

With the draw, Vancouver stays just below the playoff line with 21 points but continues their run of good form. Despite not scoring there was flashes by Vancouver and both sides complained about the condition of the pitch with the warm weather. There was also a tough non-contact injury to Deiber Caicedo and he will be re-evaluated at a later time.

The Vancouver Whitecaps will now set their sights on the top of the table for next week’s match. They will take on LAFC who are first in the MLS Western Conference standings with 33 points. We won’t see Gareth Bale or Giorgio Chiellini on July 2nd but we will see some familiar faces in Maxime Crepeau and former head coach Marc Dos Santos.

Sports Talk Line will have you covered all season for your Vancouver Whitecaps. That includes the Canadian Championship final that was announced Monday morning will on Tuesday, July 26th against Toronto FC.

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