Prepare for the 2022 Preakness Stakes Race

FAQs & Tips: Here’s How you can Prepare for the 2022 Preakness Stakes Race

After the first leg of the Triple Crown, horses will now have to prepare for another race right in the same month, May 21, 2022. This 147th Preakness Stakes race has been one of the most awaited ones due to how many competent horses there are in the mix.

Watch the three-year-old thoroughbreds winners of the first leg in the next race, the Preakness Stakes race, this May 21. If you don’t know how to prepare for the game, read below for some valuable tips and FAQs.

Read informational articles and pamphlets.

Want to know the key to horse race betting? It’s research! Like how you’re reading this article, you’re adding essential information to your knowledge. Numerous articles, pamphlets, journals, etc., discuss horse racing and provide information on the preakness stakes contenders.

Bettors should research the weather conditions in Maryland and its surface. You can determine whether a horse will do well by examining the surface in the Pimlico race course and their past performances. You can learn more about this as you go on with this page.

You can even learn about the expected horses to race on the Internet! Today, there are numerous betting websites that you can use to read information and bet afterward.

Watch Past performances.

When doing your research, you should also watch past performances. By analyzing past results and performances, you can get an idea of the horses’ performances and their ability to win the second leg. Yes, past performances tell us a lot about their expected performance.

In addition to that, here’s a list of what you should look at and note:

  • Horse’s pace – Watch its past performances and determine how fast or slow it can go.
  • Place in previous races – is also crucial since it tells you how fast they can go and how well they do on the racetrack to secure a win.
  • Potential injuries – Just like in the NBA, you would want to learn if your horse can perform well or not with an injury. Undoubtedly, having an injury right before the race negatively impacts their performance and can prevent them from participating.
  • Course/Track Surface – is another significant factor when it comes to horse racing. Some may do well on dirt, while some don’t.
  • Weather condition – Reading about the weather report on race day can help you determine which horses you’ll choose. Weather can make the track difficult for some horses.

Types of Bets

Undoubtedly, the Preakness Stakes is a big race, so there’s no golden rule in securing a win. So, to increase your chances of winning big, consider diversifying your bets. Depending on how much you have in your bankroll, it’s better to choose a basic, safer bet and place an exotic wager to go home happy.

Here are the types of bets that you can place, from the standard wagers to the exotic ones:

  • Win – Wager on the horse you want to bet will win the Preakness Stakes.
  • Place – Get paid if the horse you choose places second or first.
  • Show – It pays the least, but it’s pretty safe since you’ll win the bet if the horse you pick places either first, second, or third.
  • Exacta – Successfully predicting the first and second placer of the Preakness Stakes lets you win this bet.
  • Trifecta – Successfully predicting the first, second, and third placer in correct order lets you win this bet.
  • Superfecta – You predict which first four horses will win in the correct order.
  • Super High Five – You will pick five horses and predict that they will place in the top 5 in the correct order.

Watch the Kentucky Derby.

Since the Kentucky Derby is the first race in the series, you use it to your advantage and look for signs of a winner in the race. The top 5 of the Kentucky Derby will probably be heavily motivated and trained to win the second leg of the Triple Crown, the Preakness Stakes. So, to improve your chances of winning in wagers, use the race on May 7, 2022, as a guide.

Is there a race schedule?

The 147th Preakness Stakes will be held on May 21, 2022. You can watch live, on betting websites, or on NBC at 6:47 p.m. ET. The race will be held in Maryland, specifically on the Pimlico Race Course. It has a distance of 1 3/16 miles or 9 furlongs. Three-year-old thoroughbreds will race on a dirt surface. So be sure to secure your tickets as soon as possible!

In Conclusion

If you’ve been an avid fan of horse racing, the Triple Crown is some of the most awaited races for fans, jockeys, trainers, and even horses! These horses will train themselves for months, join races, and more to ensure that they gain enough points to be invited to the Preakness Stakes.

As a bettor, you can use the information above to prepare yourself for the 147th Preakness Stakes. Don’t be afraid to have fun, but do enough research simultaneously. After all, this is a sport that makes anyone excited.

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