Whitecaps Weekly Wednesday Mailbag Week 9

Whitecaps Weekly Wednesday Mailbag Week 9 Bye

The Vancouver limp into a fortunate bye week after the Seattle Sounders punched their ticket to the CONCACAF Champions League Finals. This article has already started off way more depressing than I thought it would for the “Whitecaps Weekly Wednesday Mailbag Week 9 Bye”.

Last week I didn’t get enough questions after the disappointing 2-1 loss to CF Montreal and It wasn’t really a surprise. It was also not a surprise when so many of the questions came in this week looking at the doom and gloom instead of the optimism.

Whitecaps Weekly Wednesday Mailbag Week 9 | Sports Talk Line
Whitecaps Weekly Wednesday Mailbag Week 9

The Whitecaps have a full 2 weeks off to rest, recover, and plan their attack for the remaining 2/3rds of the season. Head coach Vanni Sartini was adamant that his team needed to recover both physically and mentally after the start they had.

“t’s very important for me also for the players to do it by themselves to really concentrate in the two weeks off that we’ll have Sunday, Monday. And something that they like outside of football because we really need our mind to be 100% Ready if we want to perform because next month, we won’t be able to have our mind outside of football since we play every three days.”

2 Part Question To Kick Things Off For The Whitecaps Weekly Wednesday Mailbag Week 9 Bye

A heated 2-part question to kick things off about if Vanni Sartini is in jeopardy of losing his job or if the team is in jeopardy of dropping fans at the next home match against Toronto FC?

Absolute Eze on Twitter wanted to know first off if the team once again fails to beat a Canadian Premier League team will Vanni get the MDS treatment? I don’t see it happening this early in the campaign. Last year Marc Dos Santos may have gotten his team playing better towards the end in MLS but he wasn’t Axel Schuster’s guy in the end.

Imagine the message being sent to the locker room if the team was to have 3 different coaches in 9 months? It would be disappointing for Vancouver to fall for a 3rd straight season to a CanPL side but I don’t think it would be the end of Vanni.

2 Part Question From Absolutely Eze To Kick Things Off

Less than 10, 000 fans? That is going to need a continued slide to get down to those numbers. Even after the team moved on from Marc Dos Santos and were in their worst slide, attendance was still around 12,000. The last home match was at the same time as a Canucks game and saw just over 16k announced attendance.

Whitecaps vs Timbers Preview | Sports Talk Line
Could We See An Empty BC Place?

The Whitecaps have also done a nice job of scheduling earlier games on the weekend as we move closer to summer. Take the 1 pm Sunday start, for example, The Canucks will be done playing hockey, the sun could be out and the roof could be open.

Andy Comes With A Doom And Gloom Question

The Vancouver Whitecaps have had their worst start since they came into the MLS with just 4 points through the first 8 matches. They currently sit at the bottom of the Western Conference standings. Could they continue the run of bad form for the worst season in Major League Soccer history? Absolutely not!

Could This Be The Worst Season In MLS History?

It was a lot of fun looking back at some of the worst seasons in MLS history but the Whitecaps will be hard-pressed not to even limp past the threshold. For the low water mark, we have to go back to 1999 and the New York Metrostars. That team went 7-25 and finished with 15 points and a negative 32-goal differential.

 | Sports Talk Line
Whitecaps Weekly Wednesday Mailbag Week 9

Some more recent terrible seasons include Toronto FC with 23 points in 2012, DC United with their 22-point season in 2010, and then again in 2013 with 16 points. Then there was any season that included Chivas USA. With 26 matches to go, it would take a miracle to be as terrible as some of these other teams.

The Sum Of The Parts

I have a hard time thinking the Whitecaps need a better coach at this point in time. Vanni Sartini was behind the scenes lurking as the director of the methodology so I would imagine he has always had a bit of a hand in things. But like Matt Doyle mentioned the lack of success isn’t for a lack of skilled players.

Vanni is a huge fan of playing the people who show up each week in training. He might have to switch tactics shortly to playing his best players available each and every week. Although it’s not the best formula for the culture of the club it will come down to results soon enough.

The Pieces Are All There But Is This The Right Coach?

Vanni was asked if he is in the hot seat right now and how he feels about it? “Of course it feels that I’m sitting in the hot seat and you know it’s good that we feel the pressure I feel the pressure. It’s good that we are with our backs now. Because if not, if you don’t react very well in the next four or five games and we don’t start winning it becomes a very sad season.”

Have We Got “Andiamo Vanni” Yet?

Do we really want to pull that out of the bag after 8 matches? It was different as the team was making a push for the playoffs last season. A little ra-ra was just what the team needed, but this is a long 26 matches to go. Plus as you can see from his halftime speeches he is still bringing that “Vanni” intensity that we are all used to.

Time For The Big Vanni Speech?

Could We See Any Of The First Week With WFC2?

We will see a handful of players with Whitecaps FC 2 this weekend at Swangaurd Stadium. Vanni Sartini spoke about using the match as a chance to get players who didn’t see minutes this week or need some playing time the ability to get on the pitch in a competitive fashion.

Erik Godoy, Pedro Vite, Marcus Godinho and Cody “The Stopper” Cropper will all get minutes this weekend against SKC2 according to Vanni. “When things are not going well, we need to analyze everything and try to make changes to be whether it’s a good thing that the WFC two are playing here next Saturday, so we’ll actually use that game for some of our first players that didn’t have minutes to have minutes with the second team.”

Will The Whitecaps Use Their Second Team For Rehab Assignments?

On top of that Ryan Gauld is back at training with the first team was at about 75%. Vanni said the goal is to slowly ramp up training and have him ready for Sunday, May 8th against Toronto FC. Caio Alexandre remains out with a fractured hand but should be about a month or so away.

Vancouver Whitecaps And The Sports Talk Line Network

The Vancouver Whitecaps have this week off before hosting Canadian rivals Toronto FC. Things will kick off on a busy May on Sunday the 8th at 1:00 pm. It will be the first of 4 home matches from May 8th to May 18th with a Canadian Championship match in the middle against Valour FC. Hopefully, Vancouver will be able to improve on their 1-1-1 record at home and make BC Place the fortress they will need it to be.

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