Whitecaps at CF Montreal

Whitecaps At CF Montreal Fall 2-1 In A Heartbreak

The Vancouver Whitecaps at CF Montreal fell 2-1 after a heartbreaking VAR decision removed the tieing goal late from Tosaint Ricketts. Montreal scored 63 seconds into the first half and then 94 seconds into the second half to seal the Caps fate.

Brian White scored the loan goal for Vancouver in the 65th minute but it wasn’t enough as Vancouver consistently has to battle from behind. Lucas Cavallini had a goal called back after being in an offisde position and Tosaint Ricketts also had one called back late. Let’s see how the match played out.

Lineups, News, And Notes For Whitecaps At CF Montreal

Head coach Vanni Sartini would make 3 changes to the squad that fell 3-2 against the Portland Timbers. Thomas Hasal would start in net for his 7th straight start but Jake Nerwinski and Tristan Blackmon would join Ranko Veselinovic at the back in a 3-4-1-2 formation.

Vancouver Whitecaps Starting Lineup

Cristian Dajome, Sebastian Berhalter, Russell Teibert, and Javain Brown would make up the midfield from left to right. Ryan Gauld would sit in his usual spot underneath Deiber Caicedo and Brian White up top for the Vancouver Whitecaps.

CF Montreal and head coach Wilfried Nancy would make just one change to the lineup that came from behind and won 2-1 against the New York Red Bull. Youngster Sebastian Breza would start in the net for CF Montreal with Kamal Miller, Rudy Camacho, and Joel Waterman at the back in a 3-4-2-1 formation.

CF Montreals Starting 11

Lassi Lappalainen, Victor Wanyama, Ismael Kone, and Canadian Alistair Johnston would start in the midfield from left to right. Djordje Mihalovic and Sunusi Ibrahim would start at Center Forward with Romell Quioto up top as the lone striker.

CF Montreal Jumps Out To An Early Start In The 1st Half

The Vancouver Whitecaps would kick things off to start the first half and kick it long out of touch. Montreal would take over and rush in with a purpose in the 1st minute. Mihailovic would move in before fans had their seats and the ball would eventually come out wide to Alistair Johnston. He floated in a nice ball and Mihailovic was able to beat his defender and volley the ball down off the ground and past Hasal for the early 1-0 lead.

Djordje Mihailovic Puts CF Montreal On The Board Early

Not the start Vancouver wanted but they would push back and earn a corner kick. Berhalter would send the ball in and Gauld got a foot on it but it would run wide and out for a goal kick. After the Caps won the ball back, Russell Teibert would win a free-kick down the right side right at the touchline. Berhalter would once again deliver the ball in but it was too close to Breza and he punched it clear of the box. Montreal would get a brief spell of possession and held it comfortably at the back before turning it back over in the 7th minute.

Vancouver would work back into the box as Dajome would find White but the ball would bounce at his feet and Montreal was able to regroup. The home side would work the ball down the right side and Ibrahim would find Kone at the top of the box. He would fire a shot but it was well wide of the target and out for a goal kick. The two sides would trade possession as the match moved into the 11th minute. Vancouver would win a throw down the left side and work it back to Tristan Blackmon.

They would switch play but a bad pass would give it back to Montreal. A wasted long ball looking for White and it seemed both teams were having a bit of trouble stringing together passes. In the 12th minute, Mihailovic would work back in on the Caps. He would float a ball in the box looking for Ibrahim but Nerwinski was able to head it away. The ball would come right to Kone but his volley was weak and rolled to Thomas Hasal.

Both sides would trade fouls as CF Montreal would take control of the ball. An errant pass and Dajome would steal the ball for the Caps, it would come back to Hasal but his distribution was poor and out of touch for a throw. Another bad from Montreal, this time from Camacho would lead to a chance for Caicedo but he was plowed over to no call from referee Nima Saghafi. It would come out to Brown but he couldn’t get his cross into the box passed the Montreal defenders.

Montreal would try and counter but Berhalter would haul down Wanyama for a yellow card in the 16th minute. The home side would try and move in quickly and win a free-kick down the left side of the pitch after Wanyama was fouled once again. It was sent in short and Gauld was able to clear for the Whitecaps. Vancouver would work back quickly and Berhalter would earn the Caps a corner. It was driven into the front of the box and rumbled around before Montreal cleared and tried to counter.

Whitecaps At CF Montreal 1st Half Action

Blackmon would end up winning a foul and the match would slow down with both teams being cautioned by Saghafi. The match moved into the 22nd minute with Montreal controlling the ball and the match 1-0. The teams would trade turnovers before Kone would try down the right side for the home squad. Nerwinksi was there but CF Montreal would switch play to Mihailovic. He would try and be a bit too fancy and the ball would run out for a Vancouver goal kick.

CF Montreal would win the ball back after a foul from Brown on Mihailovic and would play it back. It would eventually come out wide to Kone and he would whip the ball right into the box. Hasal was smart to come off his line and was able to grab it before it reached the Montreal forward. The play would move into the 27th minute with Montreal very comfortable on the ball. Another foul by Brown would allow them to regroup once again but a bad pass would allow Vancouver to take over.

The home side was keeping great shape at the back and not allowing any room for Vancouver to get into the box. They would be forced to play it all the way back to Hasal but would try to attack the left side quickly. Dajome would make a nice play to jump Kamal Miller before finding Gauld at the top of the box. He looked like he was fouled but Alistair Johnston was first to the ball. Gauld was down for several minutes and needed treatment but he was okay to continue as the match moved into the 33rd minute.

Ibrahim Tests Hasal In The 33rd Minute

A bad turnover from Vancouver right to Ibrahim and he was able to fire a shot from distance. It tested Hasal but he didn’t have to dive out far to make the save. Montreal would stay on the attack and Mihailovic and Wanyama would work a nice give and go. The shot from Wanyama was well wide of the net and didn’t even test Hasal. The play would continue and Montreal would win a 35th-minute free-kick. The teams would trade fouls before Montreal was right back in on the attack.

It was a great long ball to find Quintero but he had no support and sent another shot well wide and out for a throw for the home squad. Vancouver would press to get the tieing goal before the half but Montreal was playing great with the 1-0 lead and not giving up anything at the back. As things ticked close to the 40th minute it was the home side that looked more dangerous on the counterattack. Vancouver would win a free kick after Camacho took down Caicedo. It was short-lived as Brown would be shown a questionable yellow card for a foul on Lappalainen.

Things would get worse for Vancouver in the first half as after they would win a corner kick Ryan Gauld would hit the pitch once again. He was still feeling the effects of the challenge from Johnston and would be subbed off in Concuscussion protocol for Pedro Vite. Vancouver would take the corner kick but it was to the top of the box too dark shorts. Montreal would try and add to their lead as Kone was given too much space but he chunked his shot over the net.

Whitecaps At CF Montreal
Whitecaps At CF Montreal 1st Half Action

Vancouver would win a dangerous free-kick and Johnston would see a yellow card after taking down Dajome very hard in the 45th minute. Vancouver would move players forward as the 4th official would signal an additional 4 minutes of stoppage time. Berhalter would play it in and Montreal was forced to clear it out for a corner kick. This time it was played into the near post but Vancouver was called for a handball and Montreal was back the other way.

The teams would trade half counterattack chances before Caicedo would foul Mihailovic. The home side was happy to watch the time tick away in the 1st half. Mihailovic looked like he had a chance down the left side but went down rather easily in the box. Nima Saghafi would blow the whistle on what was an interesting first half between the Whitecaps at CF Montreal.

Same Mistakes But Different Half For The Vancouver Whitecaps

The Vancouver Whitecaps and Vanni Sartini would make substitution at halftime bringing on Lucas Cavallini for Deiber Caicedo. Montreal would start things off in the second half and control through the back early. A quick strike to start the half would make it 2-0 for the home squad. Mihailovic would find Ibrahim on the right side of the box. He would cut it back into Mihailovic who would make a beautiful pass to find Quioto. He made no mistake and slotted it past Hasal and Montreal had once again scored early in the half.

CF Montreal Takes The 2-0 Lead

Frustration seemed to be picking up for Vancouver as Dajome would take a foul on Miller. Montreal moved players forward looking for the 3rd goal. They would try a training ground play and find Ibrahim but his shot deflected off a Caps player and right to Hasal. Vancouver would control things as the match moved into the 52nd minute. Things seemed to be going much fasted down two goals. Javain Brown would try and float in a cross but there were so many Montreal players and so few Vancouver players it was easily cleared.

The match moved along with Montreal in control of the ball. Johnston would get a tonne of space down the right side and clip in a nice ball but Vancouver was able to clear it away and out of touch for a throw. Montreal would switch play and Lappalainen would try a chip from the right side but it was off target and out for a goal kick. The Caps would win a throw before trying to switch play but the pass to Dajome was well out of his reach.

The teams trade turnovers before Montreal would find some space. Lappalainen would once again move down the left side before cutting back in and finding Kone. Once again his shot was well over the net and Vancouver was able to make changes. Michale Baldismimo would replace Berhalter while Ryan Raposo would come on for Javain Brown. Vancouver would re-start the play and try a cross in from the left side but it was floated out for a goal kick.

Whitecaps At CF Montreal 2nd Half Action

The match moved into the 61st minute as Miller would win a foul against Cavallini. They were in no rush to play the ball forward in control up 2-0. When Vancouver finally won it back they looked to counter dangerously with Dajome down the right side. He was able to find Pedro Vite who sent in a great ball to Cavallini. The Canadian striker wasn’t able to hold his run and was called for offside after putting the ball in the back of the net.

Wilfried Nancy would make his first sub of the match bringing on former Whitecap Kei Kemara for Quioto. Vancouver would stay on the attack and Teibert would win Vancouver a corner kick. Baldimiso would stand over it with Florian Jungwirth screaming in the TV Broadcast. It was cleared initially but the second phase would come back to Baldisimo who would find Teibert down the left side. He would make a nice pass through to Raposo who was able to chip the ball into the box.

Cavallini wasn’t able to connect on the bicycle kick but the ball would come right to Brian White who made no mistake on his volley. Vancouver was back in the match down 2-1 with plenty of time to go.

Brian White Get’s The Whitecaps At CF Montreal On The Board

The goal seemed to spark Vancouver as they came right back in on the attack and Cavallini would find Pedro Vite. He was plowed over from behind by Kone who was shown a yellow card by Saghafi. It was just outside the distance for a direct free-kick but Cavallini was standing over it. Cavallini would take the shot and bounce it easily into the chest of Breza. Vancouver would win the back quickly before Cavallini would win another Vancouver free-kick. Baldimiso would deliver the ball to the front of the box and Montreal was able to clear.

The second phase was short-lived as the Whitecaps were called for a foul before Ranko Veselinovic was shown a yellow card in the 70th minute. With just 20 minutes left in the match, CF Montreal was happy to kill as much time as possible with every throw and foul. Referee Nima Saghafi had the whistle to his mouth for most of the game which hindered the flow. The visiting side would take over once again and a great chance for Cavallini to equalize things.

Brain White would send him in alone but he fired a shot that rolled wide of the far post. Both teams would make changes at the 74th-minute mark as Vancouver brought on Cristian Gutierrez for Blackmon and Montreal would bring on Ahmed Hamdi for Ibrahim. The Caps would keep attacking and Ryan Raposo would win Vancouver another corner. Raposo would send it into the front of the box but it was headed away and out of touch. Vanni Sartini was waiting to make sure it got back in quickly and was told to get back to his bench.

More yellow cards as Mihailovic would move in for CF Montreal and be taken down by Pedro Vite in the 77th minute. It was swung in nicely to the back post but Hasal was able to once again come off his line and snatch the ball out of mid-air. Vancouver tried to counter but it was turned over and Montreal was able to take control once again. It was short-lived and Vancouver would win a free kick after Johnston was called for another foul.

Gutierrez and Raposo would implement a nice set piece but no one could get on the other end of the kick. It would eventually come to Veselinovic at the back post but he was too far and it was out for a goal kick. The Whitecaps would keep coming and win a corner in the 81st minute. It was over everyone but the 2nd phase was whipped in nicely. Alistair Johnston was able to clear the ball right in front of Cavallini but Vancouver would stay in control.

Whitecaps At CF Montreal 2nd Half Action

It would eventually fall to Dajome at the edge of the box but his curling shot was saved by Breza. The distribution from Breza was poor and went out for a Whitecaps throw in the 83rd minute. Both CF Montreal and the Whitecaps were poor on the ball and the home side was able to waste more time.

Montreal would win a throw but turn it over right away as it was clear they were nervously preserving the 2-1 lead. Lappalainen would get the room down the left side but his pass across the box was to no one. The home side would control the ball as the match moved into the 86th minute. Some nice work from Lappalainen would force Gutierrez to give up a corner kick. It was headed away easily by Dajome and come right to Cavallini. He spotted Breza out of his net but the wind would take the ball far wide of the net.

Vanni Sartini would make another change going all out for the tie. Tosaint Ricketts would come on to replace Ranko Veselinovic in the 88th minute. As play resumed Montreal would control play and try and waste as much time as they could as the clock ticked towards the 90th minute. The 4th official would signal 3 additional minutes of stoppage time. Vancouver tried to work quickly down the right with Vite but the ball would go out of touch when they tried to switch play.

Montreal could once again take over and waste time with the 2-1 lead. They would work it down the right touchline and win throw after throw as the seconds ticked away for Vancouver. The Caps would finally win back possession and get a free kick. Players would move forward and after the initial corner from Raposo was cleared but the Caps would win a free kick shortly after.

It was taken quickly and Ryan Raposo was sprung out on the left side with space. He was able to cut it back to Russel Teibert who put in a ball that deflected off the Montreal defender and right to Tosaint Ricketts. He looked to tie things up 2-2 but VAR had other things to say about the goal as it was deemed Tosaint was just offside coming back into position. It was heartbreaking for the Whitecaps at CF Montreal who thought they had tied up the match.

Tosaint Ricketts Looked To Level Things For The Whitecaps At CF Montreal

Nima Saghafi would restart the play but Vancouver was running out of time. They were able to move back in on the attack but it was short-lived and they weren’t able to generate anything very dangerous. After some failed attempts the final whistle would blow on a match that the Caps deserved better. But we have heard that through 7 matches already. The loss drops Vancouver to 1-5-1 on the season with just 4 points through 7 matches.

Thoughts And Post Match Media For Whitecaps At CF Montreal

Once again the Vancouver Whitecaps were faced with a bad result and head coach Vanni Sartini spoke about the match and how he felt his team played.

“I’m very disappointed, I think it’s on us in the sense that we slept for the first 10 minutes. We went through a tough time saying that the first 15 minutes should have been really, really important. We conceded the goal immediately after having the ball, losing the ball in the worst possible way. So I’m very pissed, because after that, we actually played pretty well and we deserved the goal. Maybe we deserved even the second goal.”

“We had a couple [of] chances where we were pressing very well but I told the guys at the end of the game ‘We are the Vancouver Whitecaps, we cannot afford to give up chunks of the game, to sleep at the beginning, being always the team who needs to chase.’ In this way, it’s going to be really hard and I hope that it’s going to be another wake-up call.”

I asked Vanni Sartini about the VAR decision on what looked to be the tieing goal from Tosaint Ricketts and he didn’t disagree with the call.

Vanni Sartini Speaks About The VAR Decision Late In The Match

Brian White was next and talked about the two-goal conceded by the Vancouver Whitecaps at CF Montreal Saturday afternoon. He also spoke about his partnership with Lucas Cavallini up top for the Vancouver Whitecaps and how they connect and move well together.

“Obviously it’s very frustrating when you come out and you want to set the tone, you want to come out strong, and then you kind of get punched in the face like that twice to start the game. We need to look at what happened because that can’t happen, games [where] we give them two minutes and two chances and we lose the game. So we have to look at ourselves in the mirror and we have to react better to the beginning of the first half and throughout the whole game.”

“I think it’s been good, obviously he came in and he brought out a huge momentum shift for us in the second half. The way he plays with a strong physical look for goal, getting runs in the space we connect on. Just one chance and yeah, we’re looking forward to continuing building that relationship and managing those movements more and hopefully we can do some goals together.”

Finally, Jake Nerwinski spoke about the slow starts and how the Caps need to fix that problem, “As I was saying before, we need to stop waiting to get slapped in the face to wake up and play well. We gave up goals in the first 90 seconds of both halves, which is unacceptable. We turned it on in the second and we played well, we put pressure on them. We were the better team for the entire second half, it’s just frustrating to see because if we can put that together for 90 minutes I think we’re a good team.”

I also asked Jake Nerwinski what the Vancouver Whitecaps can take away from the second half of the match when they were clearly the better side.

Jake Nerwinski Speaks To Media Afte The Whitecaps At CF Montreal 2-1 Loss

The Unnamed Moments Of The Match

It was a confusing match against CF Montreal who was the better team in the first 2 minutes of each half. I am joking Montreal fans! They were only good in the first 94 seconds of each half. The “Unnamed Goal Of The Match” is of course going to Brian White for his 2nd half volley. Let’s get to “The Unnamed Moments Of The Match” after the Whitecaps at CF Montreal 2-1 loss.

The Unnamed Goal Of The Match

Since the Whitecaps at CF Montreal only scored one goal that counted you probably know where I am going with this one. Brian White getting his first of the season should give him more confidence moving forward now that he is back and healthy.

Brian White Scores his First Of The Season

The Unnamed Heartbreak Of The Match

Just when it looked like Tosaint Ricketts had leveled things for the Whitecaps at CF Montreal a trip to VAR Ruined the celebration. The Whitecap’s social media felt as bad as all of us as we watched the goal get taken off the board.

Tosaint Ricketts Late Goal Is Called Back On VAR

The Unnamed Flo Of The Match

It doesn’t matter if he starts or is on the bench as Florian Jungwirth will bring it no matter what! Here he is before the goal getting a stray ball back in play and then pumping up his team for the corner kick. We see you Flo!

Florian Jungwirth Might Be On The Bench But He Is Always Into The Match

Sports Talk Line And The Vancouver Whitecaps

The Vancouver Whitecaps at CF Montreal fall 2-1 in a heartbreaking defeat. They will try and change their fortunes next week when they take on Austin FC on Saturday April 23rd at 5:30 Pm PST. The Caps will need to get points next week to not fall out of the MLS Western Conferene playoff race.

Follow me on Twitter @JoshuaGriffith0 for the lateest Whitecaps news and notes as the week moves on. The 90 + Podcast will be back with week to break down the 2-1 loss. And of course check out the Sports Talk Line Website for all your sports needs.

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