Carolina Panthers 2022 NFL Mock Draft

The Carolina Panthers 2022 NFL Mock Draft is not particularly deep, but they have a huge pick at #6 overall. Darnold was sacked 35 times in 12 games, and the young QB will never have a chance to properly develop or be evaluated without a proper left tackle. Luckily this draft has a handful of excellent lineman who Carolina can select with the 6th overall pick. They also need to shore up the linebacker position to complement their very good secondary and solidify their middling run defense.

Round 1

Charles Cross is the best pass blocking OT out of Neal, Ekwonu, and Penning. Just watch his footwork at the NFL combine, its miles better than anybody else. Even the coach running the drill kept remarking “oh that’s good feet, that’s good feet” almost as if he was in awe of what he was seeing. His steps are both lengthy and lightning quick, yet always balanced. With him protecting Darnold’s blindside, we can finally see what the USC QB is made of.

Charles Cross lateral footwork drill 2022 NFL combine

Round 4

Pick #137

Carolina should grab Ed Ingram with their round 4 pick at #137. The LSU guard is the best pass blocking guard in the draft, but had some red flags surrounding a sexual assault allegation in 2018 that was eventually dropped. Ingram excels at picking up twists and stunts, and is a excellent puller. He has a thick and sturdy frame that prevents him from being bull rushed, but has the mobility to fit any run scheme and can help block for CMC in space. If the Panthers can verify that the off-field issues are in the past, then he could be an amazing tandem piece to pair with Charles Cross and solidify the Panthers pass blocking for the next decade.


Round 5

Pick #144

Carolina should select Jack Sanborn with pick #144 in round 5. Tahir Whitehead is an ageing MLB with his best years behind him, so Carolina needs to shore up depth at the position. Jermaine Carter Jr. is getting a bit too many missed tackles (15) and Sanborn is a solid tackler with an excellent run stopping mind. He’s also very good on the blitz, getting 16 tackles for loss and 5 sacks at Wisconsin. Not bad for a guy with a 4.7 40. He can’t cover, but that’s why they have Shaq and Chin. 

Jack Sanborn Wisconsin

Pick #149

The Panther should select Malcom Rodriguez, MLB from OSU with the 149th pick of the 5th round. This guy is freaking awesome. He’s built thick as a brick at 5″11 225 lbs, and has a ridiculous 40″ vertical. He has a sharp football mind and excellent anticipation. He got 4 forced fumbles in 2021 along with plenty of tackles for loss, some sacks, and even an INT. The only reason this guy isn’t a top prospect is because of his size and 30″ arms. His only downside is he tends to miss some tackles because of his arm length, but will be a valuable asset for covering explosive running backs and creating fumbles.

malcom rodriguez osu full

Round 6

Pick #199

Pick 199 in the 6th round would be a good place to shore up on depth with Josh Rivas, a pass blocking guard from Kansas State. Rivas is a developmental prospect, but has the essential tools of strength and athleticism. He’s a bit off balanced when run blocking and lacks lateral explosiveness, but these are things that can be trained with the right physical tools.

Round 7

Pick #242

Few draft picks hit, so its worth drafting deep at a position of need and keeping the best of the lot. That’s why the Panther should draft William Dunkle, Guard from San Diego State in the 7th round of the draft. Dunkle is not favorted by nfl scouts due to a bevy of technique problems, but he is a very strong guard who was got a 93 grade in his 2021 season, 1st among all guards. He has some intangibles that could be fleshed out by proper coaching and would be a huge come up for such a late pick.


The Panthers need to go all in on the o-line in a historically deep draft Their 2 biggest problems were pass blocking and run stopping, which these picks look to rectify. Draft the sure thing with Cross and have the other guys compete with the free agent signings. By the end of the year, a new, improved Panthers line will emerge and we can finally see if drafting a QB should be a 2023 priority.

-Lee Van Over

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