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Lakers vs Hornets Prediction

Our Lakers vs Hornets prediction is that the Lakers can win by 6. Lebron James and Gordon Hayward are both out with knee and foot injuries respectively. Vegas hasn’t posted the odds yet, but expect a close spread similar to the +1 Vegas offered on November 8th.T he last matchup between these two teams ended with the Lakers winning by 3 in overtime. Lebron James didn’t play in that game either, and the Lakers won off the strength of 30 point games by both Anthony Davis and Carmelo Anthony. Lebron is still day-to-day, but will probably take time off and rest for Sunday’s game versus the Atlanta Hawks.

Talen Horton Tucker

THT will have to take a seat against the Hornets as he’s been in a horrible shooting slump and is a liability to the team. The Lakers won in November based off a huge performance by Rondo and Wayne Ellington, so Ellington should play in the place of THT for the Lakers to have a chance versus a Lamelo Ball that recently had a 13 assist game versus the Pacers. THT isn’t just in a shooting slump, his defense is lacking as well and is a huge source of points for opposing teams when trying to guard.


LaMelo Ball

Ball put up an absolutely devastating game versus the Pacers, getting 13 assists and a +/- of 45 when he was on the court. He’s been playing well this season and is averaging 8 assists per game with only 3 turnovers. He’s been a steady source of points and movement for the Hornets this season and can boss the court when Lebron isn’t playing defense.

Lakers’ Scoring

The big question will be if Melo or Monk can put up 30 points along with AD to cover Lebron’s absence. Rajon Rondo was also a big factor in their win in November and he’s been traded. Melo has been shooting fine, but has had limited impact. Monk had a horrible game versus the 76ers but will be facing his old team in Charlotte and should be motivated. A 20 point game from Melo and Monk would help seal it for the Lakers.

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