How the Kings Beat the Lakers

How the Lakers Beat the Kings

The Lakers beat the Kings with excellent center play from Dwight Howard, 70% shooting from THT, and clutch 4th quarter play from Lebron James.

Lets break down how the beat the . This was a big game for the two Western Conference teams; the Lakers have moved into 7th place just ahead of the Clippers after their win against Sacramento and can now make a run for the playoffs. The main factor in tonight’s victory over the Kings was and his 7 offensive rebounds. The Lakers edged out the Kings in 2nd chance points 17-11, points in the paint 62-42, and fast-break points 7-6. This was all due to the veteran center playing lights out with steals, boards, points, and a menacing presence that left the Kings floundering down low.

The Kings shot well and were driving competently in the paint when Howard wasn’t there but they kept turning the ball over; they ended the game with 18 turnovers to the Lakers 5. DeAaron Fox had 4 turnovers while Russell Westbrook had 0. Russ really calmed down his game after the 9 turnovers versus the Timberwolves. His shooting was awful, but he led the Lakers in +/- with 17. The Lakers defense bailed out his poor shooting, but Russ played calm, chipped in on defense, and did his part to help the team win the game in the final moments.

Check out the webstory below to see highlights from the game, and make sure to sign up at and come chat with our sports loving community! # #Lakers #LakersNation

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