Cheifs WR Josh Gordon

Chiefs WR Issue Solved?

The Chiefs WR room is a problem. Sitting in the cellar in one of the toughest divisions in the NFL the 1-2 Chiefs, their QB Patrick Mahomes, and their head coach Andy Reid is aware of it. Reid is a player’s coach and his skills may be tested in order for him and the Chiefs to get what they need out of just-reinstated Josh Gordon, but for the Chiefs’ WR issue to be solved, this is the best piece available and the upside is huge.

Chiefs WR Room

WR1 is set with Tyreek Hill available to terrorize defenses with his speed and savvy route running. Same with TE1 with Travis Kelce there to pump out the big plays and move the chains. After those two guys, it’s all about potential and promise with very little to show for production. Mecole Hardman, Byron Pringle, Marcus Kemp, and Demarcus Robinson all bring exciting skill sets to the game. There has been no consistency in delivering on that promise and darn few flashes to keep one enticed. Hill and Kelce need some help. Defenses have enough pieces to clamp down on two players. You aren’t going to shut these two guys down, but you are going to be able to stifle their effect on the game.

Enter Chiefs WR Josh Gordon

Historically, new Chiefs WR Josh Gordon is a hot mess. There is no denying his raw talent nor his off-the-field issues. After multiple suspensions for substance and PED infractions, Gordon has completed his latest round of proscribed treatment and is ready to take the field with the Chiefs WR rotation. What can he bring at 30 years of age is the question.

Gordon is not known as a savvy route runner. His game is all about freakish athletic ability and matchup issues for opposing defenses. But he has been in the league a while, knows his way around, and is (reportedly) very coachable. Does he have enough of his freakish athletic skills left to still be an impact on game day? Perhaps not as a WR1 but as a WR2, WR3 with big-play potential he has the rest of the guys in the Chiefs WR room beat hands down. And he has been in the league long enough to polish up his base WR skills. He can get the job done more than one way.

Typical Andy Reid move. The coach is in full control of his large tool chest and one can only imagine the ways he can deploy a weapon like Gordon once the whistle blows. I for one, can’t wait to find out.

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