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Whitecaps At Rapids Battle To A Hard Fought 1-1 Draw

The Whitecaps at Rapids would see both teams score in the first half before battling to a hard-fought 1-1 draw. The home side would strike first in front of the Dicks Sporting Goods Park fans. A great ball in from Jack Price and Danny Wilson would head it home in the 28th minute.

Vancouver would equalize before the first half ended. Some nice work on the counter-attack from Deiber Caicedo who was able to find Brian White. He blasted a rocket that went bar down and into the net in the 41st minute. Neither team would score in the second half but the match didn’t lack action.

Lineups, News, and Notes Whitecaps At Rapids

The Vancouver Whitecaps would go with 3 at the back against the Colorado Rapids Sunday night. Maxime Crepeau would start in the net with Andry Rose splitting Ranko Veselinovic and Florian Jungwirth. The midfield would see Cristian Dajome, Janio Bikel, Russell Teibert, and Javain Brown from left to right. Deiber Caicedo and Ryan Gauld would start underneath Brian White who gets the start despite Lucas Cavallini being back for the Whitecaps.

The Whitecaps at Rapids

Robin Fraser would make 3 changes from the squad that played to a 2-2 draw against the Timbers. William Yarbrough would start in the net with Auston Trusty, Danny Wilson, and Keegan Rosenberry playing the back three of a 3-4-2-1 formation. Lucas Esteves and Kellyn Acosta would get back into the lineup and join Jack Price and Braian Galvan in the midfield. Mark-Anthony Kaye and Jonathan Lewis would try and provide service for Micahel Barrios up top.

Whitecaps at Rapids

Whitecaps at Rapids Play To A 1-1 First Half

The Whitecaps at Rapids would kick things off Sunday night with Vancouver and Colorado trading turnovers. It was a slow start as both teams looked to get their legs underneath them. Crepeau was given a short-back pass and forced to kick it out for a throw in the 3rd minute. The first foul of the match would go to Dajome in the 5th minute just past the halfway line. The Rapids tried to work it around from right to left before it was stolen by Vancouver but the counterattack would fizzle.

Gauld would win a throw for the Whitecaps and regain possession in the 7th minute. They would immediately turn it back over to the home side as the play would get a bit scrambly. Ryan Gauld would win a foul and the ball back in the 8th minute as Vancouver looked to improve upon their 1 road win this season. The first shot of the match would come down the left side thanks to a run from Dajome. He would send in a shot from a tough angle that was easily grabbed by Yarbrough.

Whitecaps at Rapids | Sports Talk Line
Whitecaps at Rapids

Action would pick up as Galvan would get the first shot for the Rapids. The chip was right at Crepeau and Vancouver was able to clear the pressure. We rolled past the 12th minute of action with Vancouver winning several throws down the left side. Colorado was able to stay tight at the back and force a turnover from Vancouver. The first corner of the match would go to the home side in the 13th minute. Javain Brown was forced to head the ball out of touch. It was dangerous as Price would drop it near post but Rosenberry couldn’t cut it back in front.

Ryan Gauld would be forced to come back and concede another corner kick. This time it would bounce to the back of the box but a volley from Trusty was wide and out for a goal kick. Micahel Barrios would almost single-handedly open the scoring. He would take a great pass from Mark-Anthony Kaye and fire it past Crepeau but off the crossbar. Colorado would continue the attack but the ball would roll to Crepeau who would slow things down. The match would pick up in physicality as Galvan would be shown a yellow card for a hard tackle on Dajome in the 17th minute.

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Whitecaps at Rapids

Vancouver would start to get more comfortable as we moved past the 20th minute. A chip from Dajome but he was unable to find Caicedo down the wing. The Rapids would win the ball back briefly before Gauld would win a throw for the Whitecaps. They would play it back and look for some possession before a long ball to Brian White. He was strong to win Vancouver another throw but it was played back once again. Andy Rose would give it away but Lewis would send his shot over top the net and not trouble the keeper.

Colorado would use the momentum and stay on the attack. Some nice work from MAK and he was able to set up Galvan in some space. His shot dipped but was a bit too high to the relief of the Whitecaps. Vancouver would get back on the ball as we moved into the 26th minute but it was given away quickly and Lewis raced down the right side. He would cross it in but it was deflected before being cleared by Teibert. It was clear which side was ahead in the western conference standings as the Rapids would win another corner in the 28th minute. A great cross from Price and Wilson would head it past Crepeau for the 1-0 lead.

Whitecaps at Rapids

Vancouver would catch their breath after the goal and go on the attack themselves. Dajome would win Vancouver their first corner of the match with a nice run down the left side. Gauld would send it to the back of the box but it was cleared by Colorado. A second phase by Caicedo was crossed in but cleared away before the Whitecaps would concede a goal kick. The Rapids were feeling confident after the goal and Galvan would unleash one from distance. Crepeau dived to his right but it was wide of the net.

The teams would trade possession and the Whitecaps would get a chance at the other end of the pitch. After what looked like a hard foul on Dajome the ball would run to Caicedo. His shot was blocked before running out for a deep Rapids throw. The back and forth play would continue as Barrios would win a corner for the Rapids in the 36th minute. Price would send in a nice ball into the 6-yard box but it was cleared away by Andy Rose and away from danger. Vancouver could only relieve the pressure for so long as they gave up a dangerous free-kick to MAK in the 39th minute.

Acosta would take the kick, but the attempt was poor and well over the target. Vancouver would catch the break they needed in the 41st minute. A turnover from the Rapids and Caicedo would head back the other way. He was able to feather it through to Brian White who went bar down to tie the match up at 1-1. It was a great goal for White who got the start tonight ahead of Lucas Cavallini. The goal was just what Vancouver needed to head into the half. It seemed to give them confidence as they would almost convert minutes later on a nice cross from the right side.

The Whitecaps at Rapids

Vancouver would hold the ball as the 4th official would signal just one added minute of stoppage time. Dajome would win Vancouver a late corner with a nice chip from the left side. Ryan Gauld would deliver a perfect ball to Veselinovic, his free header was wasted and sent wide over the net before referee Rubiel Vasquez would blow down the first half.

Exciting Second Half But The Squads Split The Points

No changes for either side as the Rapids would start the second half winning an early corner. It was cleared away before the Whitecaps were able to sprint out on the counterattack. Dajome would send in a nice pass to Gauld but Galvan was able to force it out for a corner. The ball was played to the top of the box and it was the home side’s turn to counter. Estevez had all kinds of space but caught his foot in the pitch and the ball would fall right to Janio Bikel who was able to stop the 3 vs 2. He would be okay to continue as Colorado regained possession into the 50th minute.

They would get the next chance after Jungwirth was forced to concede a corner kick. Price would deliver it nicely into the box but the header from Trusty would run past the far post and out for a goal kick. The home side would continue on the attack but Jungwirth would box out his man and allow the ball to go out of touch once again as we moved into the 55th minute of play. Vancouver was the more passive team, playing with a very deep line, and trying to hold on to the 1-1 result. It was too much room for the Rapids as Lewis was able to walk in and fire a shot but got under it too much.

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The Whitecaps at Rapids

The pace would slow down in the 58th minute as Vancouver looked to press slightly higher. It opened up room for the home side as Lewis would find Estevez but he was offside before sending a backheel right at Crepeau. The first changes of the match would come in the 61st minute as Michael Baldisimo would replace Janio Bikel and Cavallini would come on up top for Caicedo. Two attacking substitutions for Vanni Sartini as the Whitecaps looked for all 3 points.

Vancouver would start taking over the match and some nice work from Teibert to find Cavallini would lead to a Vancouver corner kick in the 64th minute. Gauld would have a rare poor delivery and the Rapids were able to clear before making subs of their own. Robin Fraser would bring on Diego Rubio for Lewis and youngster Younes Namli for Mark-Anthony Kaye.

The Rapids would get momentum from their changes and get a chance down the right side. A ball cut right into the box for a fresh Namli but he would side foot it through the box and out of danger. The action would pick up on both sides as Cavallini would get a great chance in the 68th minute but his pass to Brian White was too far and ran out for a goal kick. It wouldn’t take long for Cava to get involved physically as he was called for a foul on Rosenberry in the 69th minute, nice. Minutes later he would get a shot on the net but it was an easy save for Yarbrough.

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The Whitecaps at Rapids

The Rapids would try and take it short but Vancouver was wise to the set-piece and able to clear. Vancouver could slow things down after winning a 74th-minute throw. They would promptly give the ball away and Colorado was back on the attack. Namli was able to cut the ball into the box from the right side but the shot from the Rapids would be blocked before Vancouver could clear. It was starting to look like the Whitecaps were holding onto the one point instead of attacking for all three. It looked far too easy for Colorado as Estevez would almost send in Galvan alone but it was cleared by Jungwirth.

More pressure in the 78th minute as Jungwirth would force the ball out for a corner kick. Price would stand over it once again and deliver the ball to the back of the box. Ranko was able to clear the first chance before White was able to clear the second phase. Vanni Sartini would make another change in the 79th minute replacing Brian White with Jake Nerwinski. Vancouver would look to pounce after the change when the ball was worked out wide on the right to Brown. He was able to cross it into Cavallini but his header was right at Yarbrough.

It was an exciting match as the teams seemed to trade punches. Right after the Whitecaps had a chance Esteves was almost able to find Barrios with a great cross into the box. Jake Nerwinski did some great work to force the ball wide and out for a goal kick and nothing more. After Vancouver had a quick chance that was cleared the Rapids were right back on the attack. Shinkyashiki would come on to replace Barrios and almost make a difference right away. A flurry in front of the net saw several blocks by the Caps before they were eventually able to clear the danger.

The Vancouver Whitecaps at Rapids

The Rapids would remain in possession as we moved into the 85th minute. Things would tighten up for both sides as they could see the one point. It might not be enough for the Rapids as Rubio would go on the attack down the right side. His 87th-minute cross was dangerous but cleared away by Nerwinski. Vancouver would make their final changes of the match in the 88th minute, bringing on Patrick Metcalfe and Leonard Owusu for Javain Brown and Cristian Dajome.

The Rapids would get the next chance but a shot from Namli was high over the target and allowed the Whitecaps to slow things down. The 4th official would signal an additional five minutes of stoppage time. Vancouver would try and counter with a nice pass from Gauld to find Cavallini. He would dance in the box before sending a pass down the left to Nerwinski. It was sent out for a Vancouver corner but it was popped up and over the net. With just over 2 minutes left in the match, it was the home side’s turn to attack.

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The Whitecaps at Rapids

Some nice work controlling things before finding Galvan down the right side. His cross was cleared by Ranko before the whitecaps were able to win a goal kick. The Rapids would get one more great chance for all three points as a late chance from Acosta would be sent right into the chest of Crepeau. The final seconds would tick away as the Whitecaps at Rapids would play to a 1-1 draw. It was a good result for Vancouver who had to come from behind on the road against one of the best teams in the Western Conference.

Post Match Thoughts and Media

Despite not being able to figure out my audio until the end I was able to still hear the post-match media. Head coach Vanni Sartini spoke first about his thoughts on the match, “First 30 minutes they overplayed us and we weren’t able to understand how to win the ball, we were too wide and not too compact, it was too easy for them to enter into our defensive third. We had some problems but then we changed something on the fly and it went better.”

“I think from minute 30 to 75 we were the best team on the field and then last 15 minutes it was a like a rollercoaster. Yes, we could’ve scored, they could’ve scored, they put all the offensive players in, we tried to resist, resist, resist not forgetting that in altitude it’s really hard to play 90 minutes at high level here and they’re a really good team so I’m really happy with the result and the performance.”

He was asked about the decision to play Cava and White together upfront, “Yeah, I saw very good pair movement. When I put Lucas on, we wanted to play with instead of two 10s and a number nine, one 10 Ryan, and two number nines so to have a little bit more pressure and more presence up front, and I think they linked up very well. Lucas had two big chances and he did a very good job also firing in a lot of balls and that allowed us to play those 20-25 minutes of the second half that probably we deserve to score the second goal so I really like what I see from the two of them.”

Full Media From The Whitecaps at Rapids

Andy Rose was frustrated with the result and felt the team should have done better, “Right now, a little bit frustrated I thought because it took a while to really get into the game first 20 minutes. I for sure was sloppy. I think we had far too many, too many turnovers, which gave them a few opportunities which was frustrating.

He would continue, “Took us a little bit of time to find our way in the game and then I know we had a decent spell, obviously great goal, what a finish by Brian, Deiber does a great job of kind of popping up in that half-space to win the ball and that was a good turning point for us and that gave us some energy, a little bit momentum going into the second half and obviously the game became a bit of a game of transition, they have a lot of weapons especially off the bench that came on.”

“I thought Namli was difficult for us to deal with at times and in a place like this, given the run of form they’re on, all in all, given the second-half performance, the fact that we had a couple of good opportunities to potential sort of steal three points you know I thought we defended well and defended hard and had to protect our box, a lot, you know a lot of crosses there that was that one play with Ranko, who did incredibly well to block like three shots in a row.”

“And so on the whole, I think tomorrow when I watch it will back, I’ll be fairly happy with all those things but that first 20 minutes right now is kind of stuck in my mind and I’m frustrated with that. I was finally able to figure out my audio issues to ask Javain Brown his thoughts on the match.

“I think it was a really good game, we didn’t start off so well, you know, but we grabbed the stage of the game and we talked to each other, we worked for each other and we scored before the half ended and from there, it was an intense game we had chances, they had chances, really good team. It’s a hard place to play.”

The Unnamed Moments Of The Match

A decent result on the road for the Whitecaps at Rapids as the teams split the points. Despite the match ending in a 1-1 draw and no scoring in the second half, there was lots of excitement from the match Sunday.

The Unnamed Goal Of The Match

Brian White going bar down has to be “The Unnamed Goal Of The Match”. And not just because it was the only goal scored by the Whitecaps because if it was an ugly goal I would have just picked something else. Brian White got the start tonight instead of Lucas Cavallini and he did not disappoint.

The Whitecaps at Rapids Unnamed Goal Of The Match

The Unnamed Media Moment Of The Match

The Sunday night football game ended in a crazy victory for the Baltimore Ravens over the Kansas City Cheifs. No the reason my audio wasn’t working was not an excuse to watch the end of the game. I have no shame whatsoever so I wouldn’t even need an excuse to do that.

The Whitecaps at Rapids

Sports Talk Line And The Vancouver Whitecaps

The Whitecaps at Rapids played to a 1-1 draw on Sunday night. Vancouver still has work to do to catch up to the playoff line while the Rapids move to within 1 point of second and 2 points of first-place Sporting Kansas City. Check out the full Major League Soccer standings right here.

Vancouver gets back in action on Saturday, September 25th when they return home to take on FC Dallas. Make sure to check out the Sports Talk Line website for the latest news and notes throughout the week. Vancouver will need to take advantage of lower teams in the standings and come away with all 3 points.

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