The Whitecaps 2-2 Draw

4-3 Loss In The”Ferryside Derby” Gets Marc Dos Santos Fired From The Whitecaps

A startling 4-3 loss to Pacific FC in what is being called the “Ferryside Derby” gets Marc Dos Santos fired from the Whitecaps. The team announced Friday morning that the club had parted ways with head coach Marc Dos Santos and assistant coach Phil Dos Santos after 2 and a half seasons with the club.

“We are very grateful to Marc and Phil for the hard work and sacrifice that they put in to lead our team over the past two and a half years,” Said Axel Schuster in a press release. The news comes on a 2 game winning streak and 8 games unbeaten streak in Major League Soccer play. That didn’t seem to be enough for management and ownership as losing again to a lower league side sealed the deal.

Marc Dos Santos Fired From The Whitecaps | Sports Talk Line
Marc Dos Santos Fired From The Whitecaps

Marc spoke through his former team in a statement, “I am very grateful for my time with the Whitecaps and appreciate the support I received during a challenging two-plus season,” he would continue. “There are a lot of great people at this club, who work extremely hard, and I’m thankful for the time we shared together. I am also especially thankful to the players, technical, and support staff and wish everyone all the very best. I am very excited about the future.”

The Team also announced that Vanni Sartini, Director of Methodology, will take over as Head coach. Ricardo Clark and goalkeepers coach Youssef Dahha will also remain on the coaching staff. Sartini formerly coached in Italy and helped promote A.S. Livorno Calcio to Serie A.

Axel Schuster and Vanni Sartini Speak With The Media

When Media availability for Marc Dos Santos scheduled for 1:00 pm PST, was postponed at 12:51 I had an inclination something might be happening with the Whitecaps. The media was pushed back till 3:00 pm right before the announcement was made about the news.

Marc Dos Santos Fired From The Whitecaps

Axel Schuster spoke about the decisions before he and Vanni Sartini were available for questions. “We saw that as the one solution to stay focused and do the next steps because with all the bad feelings of the game yesterday and being out of the Canadian Championship that is a very important competition for our club. we are only cleared up ranking one point behind the playoff spot in MLS and we want to get there.”

He continued when asking if it was all about the loss to Pacific FC, “It was not the game of yesterday, it was a development that’s things that we are looking at for a while and discussed with the coaching staff for a while. We are on a good run result-wise, but we could be even on a better one maybe… That it is a wake-up call to go back and focus on the small things that we’re not doing well.”

Vanni Sartini was headed off to training but he spoke about getting the opportunity and it was one he wouldn’t say no to, “I was coaching my 23 teams, he asked me if I was available to help the club in this, [at] this moment you don’t have a second thought about what that means… So I accepted, of course, the fact that when I help the team for the time being and try and do our best starting Sunday against RSL.”

Marc Dos Santos Fired From The Whitecaps But Was It The Right Decision?

A lot can be said that it was the right time to move on from Marc Dos Santos. You could argue losing to a Canadian Premier Side, twice, would be reason enough, Not making the playoffs last season, a poor start to this season. There were lots of reasons the team should have moved on from Marc Dos Santos. Should!

Marc Dos Santos Fired From The Whitecaps | Sports Talk Line
Marc Dos Santos Fired From The Whitecaps

But after stringing together a run of 8 unbeaten and a 2 game win streak in Major League Soccer action and adding Ryan Gauld, the team looked to be turning things around. It seems MDS was the casualty the team could afford to have. If the team wanted to move on from Marc they only needed to wait for 14 more games for the season to end and his contract run out. Would that have satisfied fans who have been calling for his job for a while?

Probably not. This seems to be the only reason this decision was made now and not at the end of the season. The team has 8 more home matches and after a year and a half of not having fans paying to get into the seats, ownership would like as many fans as possible. It wasn’t a bad crowd in the first home match back having 11,000 and change. Maybe the owner was worried people were losing interest in the Whitecaps?

Marc Dos Santos | Sports Talk Line
Marc Dos Santos Fired From The Whitecaps

Now you are worried about this? After multiple scandals and losing season to think this would be the point of no return for fans, losing to a CPL team seems a bit out of touch with the fanbase. It is a shame the team moved on earlier from Mark Pannes who was very in touch with the needs of fans and supporters. Nothing could have done more to spark a needy fanbase than making the playoffs and while that is still very possible it will be interesting to see what this shake-up does to the team moving forward.

The move is made now so we can only look back at the decision in time and decide if it was the best move for the Vancouver Whitecaps.

Vancouver Whitecaps And The Sports Talk Line Network

The Vancouver Whitecaps might have a new coach but the coverage will remain the same. There won’t be any time to reflect on the situation as the squad gets back into action on Sunday night at 7:00 pm PST. They will take on Real Salt Lake at BC Place Stadium in what will be dubbed the battle of Interim coaches. RSL and their coach also decided to part ways. Stay tuned for all your coverage of the Whitecaps next match on The Sports Talk Line website.

For the full press release from the Vancouver Whitecaps check it out right here on the news about Marc Dos Santos. Make sure to follow me on Twitter @JoshuaGriffith0 for all the latest news and notes about your Vancouver Whitecaps as they try and limp into the playoffs.

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